Determination Covers Frustration

Today is Tuesday, so it is speed set day in the pool. I am determined to get down the 3,200 meter speed set within the send off times. After a 1,000 meter warmup, the main set is 4×100 on 2:20 with progressive 25 meter sprints. The first 100 I sprint the first 25, second 100Continue reading “Determination Covers Frustration”

Trials In Water, On Land, and On Trails

I search for topics to write about while I am training or right after I finish. Sometimes a song will inspire me and sometimes the trial or success I experience is my inspiration. This morning I swam 2,500 meters and it was a very good workout. I kept to all of the time splits IContinue reading “Trials In Water, On Land, and On Trails”

Training the Forrest Gump Way

My friend has given me swim workouts and is somewhat of a coach to me, or drill sergeant if you will. Yesterday he told me to pace myself on my swim intervals with the last being the fastest. This morning I swam 2,500 meters and chose a workout that finished with a fast 200 andContinue reading “Training the Forrest Gump Way”

Perspective and Accomplishment

Perspective can be a funny thing. When I think of a 45 to 50 minute workout, my first reaction is “no problem”. This morning I swam 2,500 meters and came in at 59:29 total including rests. My latest goal has been to complete 2,500 under an hour. Of course now that I have done thatContinue reading “Perspective and Accomplishment”

Don’t Stop Believin’

Looks can be very deceiving. From outside my window it is a beautiful sunny winter day. Stress the word winter. ┬áThe forecast was for a warmer day than yesterday, however the wind changed all that. When I started out on my 11 mile long run it was 28 degrees with a windchill of 19. IContinue reading “Don’t Stop Believin’”