Off To a Good Start

I have many memories of New Year’s Day being bitter cold and snow covered. It was those memories that prevented me from not liking the 42 degree damp morning today as I headed out for my 10 mile run. Oh there were several spots where I was running against 25 mph wind gusts, but it felt good to start the year off with a long run. I am feeling good about my preparation for the half marathon I have coming up in February. If running hills in cold weather is what I have to do, then the race on the flat lands of Jacksonville, FL will be a welcomed challenge.

The year also started well as I was able to visit my father and share the sauerkraut and sausage I had cooking in my slow cooker all morning. He is 91, and sharing a meal and a conversation is something I take to heart. I am aware those days won’t be around forever. But as I mentioned, I am seizing the day, and today was a good one to seize.

Tomorrow I will tackle the pool. If I can make it out of my driveway with the blizzard that is forecast to hit tonight…

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  1. Now I realize why you are a Triathalete. With the winters up there, you need an escape from the cold and why not make that an indoor spin or a swim. Hopefully, you didn’t get too much of a blizzard and are able to make it to the pool safely…..And you are currently kicking my butt for total mileage this year.

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