Running on Sunshine

This morning I ran 10 miles and loved every minute of it. Sometimes, for what ever reason, everything aligns right and the run is a great one. Today the sun was shining, the temperature was mild, and my pace was strong. I also saw seven other runners, two walkers, and a cyclist – on a January Sunday morning in Northeast Ohio – unbelievable. The sunshine truly changes people. Everyone smiled and waived. And I only knew one of the ten people. Oh if all runs could be this good.

Attitude makes such a difference, but not just our own,  others’ as well. I have heard a few times on the radio “don’t let the world change your smile, let your smile change the world.” That is much easier said than done unfortunately. Especially in the running community. I recently had dinner with running friends who are considering changing running clubs. The group they run with expect only the best and fastest. Fast is relative, and we need to remember this. My friends are very good runners and almost always place in the top three of their age groups if not overall. If this is not considered one of the best, I question what best is. I told them they are my inspiration. Both have improved their times significantly with age – when many of the “fast” runners are past their prime.

What matters most to me is when a runner takes the sport seriously. Pace is not nearly as important as a runner who respects the sport, others running, and competes against themselves to improve. Looking down at others as weak or inferior is dangerous. We all will be one of these things at some point in our lives. So my lesson for the day – channel the energy the sunshine gives and encourages others to be the best of their ability.

Published by elisariva

I want to encourage everyone to follow your passions, not just what is easy. It is in overcoming hurdles and barriers that we truly test our limits and abilities. There is much more we are capable of if we only believe in ourselves.

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