Progress and Lessons

I am making progress. This morning I swam 3,000 meters. Since I ran my long run yesterday, I was not sure how well I would hold up today. For the most part I did well. After my 1,000 meter warmup, I did my Tuesday 6 x 100 on 2:10. I was able to do all 6 on a 2:10 send off. The 6th one just made it in time as my hand hit the wall at 2:10. I was feeling a little fatigued so I went into a 200 pull. After 150 meters, I got out the band. If you have ever seen a guppy swim, then you can picture what I looked like. But I was able to do two 25 meter lengths with just the band on my ankles and my arms pulling with all of the strength and speed I could muster. That band is hard and I see where it is hailed as a great way to strengthen your stroke. I did a 200 kick after that and went into 5 x 200 with the goal to complete each on a 4:30 send off coming in at 4:15. Not so much. The first two I did on 4:30, but neither did I come in on 4:15. The last three? 4:45. My arms were fried. Lesson one today – do the band pull set last, not before another fast set.

With 3,000 meters behind me I decided to add to my attempts at flipping.  Three attempts, zero completions. The last one almost counted. I was able to flip to some degree but ended up standing facing 3 o’clock with the goal to be facing 12 where I started. I watched a few videos on flips, one suggesting using a floating noodle to hold on to so the arms are not directing the swim but rather abdominal strength. Two friends have suggested swimming into it instead of standing first. One friend insists I am over thinking it and just have to do it, the fear part – just forget it. Me over think? Is there such a thing? Just forget fear – have I mentioned I have close to a photographic memory? Forgetting is something I wish I could do. So lesson two today – just do it.

After work my training partner and I lifted. We are making progress there too. The adaption phase of getting back into lifting after a few weeks off is an easy progress and we both agreed we could increase the weight a bit and go for 15 reps instead of twelve. After we were done lifting I had my massage. The focus was on my back and shoulders. After I paid to have pain inflicted on me (although it was very helpful and productive) I learned two more lessons. Lesson three today – I need to stretch more. Everywhere. Lesson four today – my lower back pain is a result of my hip flexers being so tight. Yes, the area in the front where the leg meets the hip is tight and is pulling around to the back causing my lower back pain. So the song about the leg bone is connected to the hip bone… is very accurate.

In looking at what I have learned today, I realize there is much to be learned by errors, miscalculations, and failed attempts. Through these lessons I hope to right my wrongs and further increase my progress. One day (step or flip) at a time.

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I want to encourage everyone to follow your passions, not just what is easy. It is in overcoming hurdles and barriers that we truly test our limits and abilities. There is much more we are capable of if we only believe in ourselves.

2 thoughts on “Progress and Lessons

  1. For the flip turns, stand a few meters away and glide into the wall with both arms stretched infront. Pull down and back with both arms, tuck your chin in and try to push of the wall on your back. Let me know how it goes… 🙂 Stew

  2. I had 5 more failed attempts this morning. Saturday I am working with a lifeguard to get it right. My problem is getting myself to actually flip over. Thank you for the tips!

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