Don’t Stop Believin’

Looks can be very deceiving. From outside my window it is a beautiful sunny winter day. Stress the word winter.  The forecast was for a warmer day than yesterday, however the wind changed all that. When I started out on my 11 mile long run it was 28 degrees with a windchill of 19. I dressed in layers and even put two Hot Hands heating packets in my gloves. After the first mile I noticed a few things – first my body was not in the mood for a good run. I was feeling sluggish, my pace was slower than usual and my heart rate was a little higher than usual. Second – the Hot Hands were too much so I put them in my pocket with my Gu and lip balm. Third – my brain kept looking for a way to make the run easier. It is hilly where I run and I was thinking of different paths to take to avoid the hills.

I ended up running the same out and back loop I usually do, but at mile 8 my lower back was screaming at me and now I was thinking of cutting it short and heading home. The way I can rationalize with myself to cut a bad run short is better than rationalizing a reason to go shopping. Once again at mile 9, like my last long run, a motivational song came on that changed my mind. Journey was singing Don’t Stop Believin’ ,  I had to chuckle. As bad as I felt, I knew I was able to complete the run. Believing in myself to reach my goals is something I can not stop doing. While I don’t want to hold on to the feeling of the pain I was in, I do want to remember it is the tough courses that I finish that are the most meaningful.

I also discovered two things from today’s run – the Hot Hands kept the Gu warm and my vanilla Gu tasted like warm vanilla pudding – yum. Second – put the lip balm in the other pocket. It was pure liquid when I took the cap off.  Now I have an excuse to go shopping.

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