Training the Forrest Gump Way

My friend has given me swim workouts and is somewhat of a coach to me, or drill sergeant if you will. Yesterday he told me to pace myself on my swim intervals with the last being the fastest. This morning I swam 2,500 meters and chose a workout that finished with a fast 200 and a fast 100. My times were much better and I felt strong. This reminded me of a quote from Forrest Gump. Forrest had just enlisted and was being questioned by his drill sergeant. Drill Sergeant: “Gump! What is your sole purpose in this army?” Forrest Gump: “To do what ever you tell me, Drill Sergeant!” If only I would just do what my drill sergeant tells me, I will do well. And that is what I did today and he was right.

This afternoon I did another thing Forrest Gump was told to do: “Run, Forrest! Run!” My speed workout was this afternoon, 9×400. It went great and I paced myself. I was able to run my last 400 my fastest. I did what I was told to do.  This may not apply in all aspects of life, we want to question many things. But if you are able to find a good coach who is willing to help, in training it pays off to listen.

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