Not Skipping

Listening to my body is something I used to think mostly meant how I felt as far as aches and pains. By 7:00 last night my body was yelling loudly to me that it was tired. Nothing hurt, I actually felt very good. The only problem was I felt like a zombie. Since the half marathon on Sunday I had swam a total of 9,000 meters by yesterday morning. I don’t like to skip a workout if it is not necessary, so I decided sleep was necessary and I went to bed at 8:30. By 4:30 this morning I had my 8 hours in and I got up to go to the pool. And boy am I glad I did.

My swim today was 2,500 meters. After my 1,000 warm up I did 5 x 100 on a 2:20 send off. Every one I came in between 2:00 and 2:01. Six weeks ago this was not happening. And 5 times in a row? Wow, this increased distance is really paying off. With my added confidence I took on what I have referred to as the dreaded 200’s. I swam 5 x 200 on a 4:30 send off. Now only two weeks ago I was coming in between 4:20 and (the horror of typing this again) 4:28. This morning I came came in on 4:05, 4:07, 4:09, 4:05, and 4:07. As I told my friend (and part coach) Hoot Hoot Hoot! I even got a “fantastic” from him on that one. I felt good when I was finished and I was not exhausted through the day. My body was pleased as well.

Since I love running and haven’t done so since I crossed the finish line in Jacksonville on Sunday, I ran a few miles this evening. It is raining out and I wanted to try out my new shoes, so I hit my treadmill. I only ran 2 miles – my body started telling me it feels good to run again, but let’s not push the exhaustion issue. My shoes felt great – the new Nike Lunar Eclipse – fun colors and good support.

My persistence in the pool is paying off and it is encouraging me all the more to keep with these crazy long workouts for a few more months. I am getting stronger. I like it. So often it is temping to hit snooze, opt for happy hour with work colleagues instead of a light run (an option presented to me tonight) or just a plain old “I don’t wanna.” Seeing the fruits of my labor is worth so much more. And that I want.

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