A Day Full of Treats

Three day weekends are such a treat. I was able to sleep in a bit today and meet my training partner at the pool at 9:00 instead of 6:15. Driving in while the sun is shining was also a treat. We had a good swim, 2,600 meters and I am feeling more myself again. Most of the main set was made up of 200’s, 100’s and a couple 300’s. I was consistent with my pace, and it is getting a little faster as time goes by. Both the warm up and warm down were 6 x 75 with a 20 rest between – that is where I really was happy with my time, I was coming in on 1:30 for most of the warm up and only slowed to about 1:35 for the warm down. Since we didn’t have to go to work, we took our time in the hot tub after our swim, the biggest treat of the morning.

This afternoon I ran 4 miles, also feeling myself again and loved the run. It was in the upper 30’s and the sun shined brightly, yet another treat of the day. I also tried out a new pair of running shoes – Brooks Pure Cadence. I have flat feet and have struggled with plantar fasciitis over the years. Trying minimalist shoes is something I have been cautious to do. The owner of the running store I have been frequenting suggested trying these. They have a little more support for flat feet, but are in the minimalist category. To adjust to the fit, he suggested easing into them. So I ran my first mile in them and switched to my regular running shoes for the last three miles. The shoes felt so good I did not want to take them off. It felt like memory foam hugging my feet, treat for my feet. I hope the shoes are able to keep me running without issues, time will tell.

I also tried something different on my run – I didn’t put on my head phones. I don’t run in the dark with them and when I do in the day light, I keep the volume low enough that I hear cars. Another blogger suggested yesterday that head phones block us from appreciating all that surrounds us when we run, so I gave running without music a try. I really enjoyed the sounds of birds, my feet hitting the pavement, and my breath as I ran. I also looked up more than down at the pavement in front of me. It is almost like having to look at the screen at a movie when you hear the sound track. Taking it all in, sight and sound, was the biggest treat of the afternoon. Appreciating the little things, all that we pass by daily, and not taking anything for granted is something I want to do more often. And like swimming or running faster, it will take practice and determination. But it will be a treat.

Published by elisariva

I want to encourage everyone to follow your passions, not just what is easy. It is in overcoming hurdles and barriers that we truly test our limits and abilities. There is much more we are capable of if we only believe in ourselves.

7 thoughts on “A Day Full of Treats

  1. I used to listen to music and believe it was when I started listening to my body and the world around me that my running improved significantly. Great job this weekend and good luck with the new Brooks!

    1. Outdoors is the best to run. There is a wonderful national park along the Cuyahoga River that I love to run through when ever possible. I just may head there this weekend.

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