Change of Pace

I decided to change things up a bit today after the day I had yesterday. Change is good, it keeps me on my toes. I swam this morning and added a second speed workout in the week since I need to improve my pace. In searching for a good workout, I found one with a different perspective on speed training. The workout is on Go Swim. The past few Tuesdays I found by the last 4×100 on 2:15, I was actually swimming slower than my first set on 2:20 and this should have been my fastest set. I was struggling to come in on the shorter time and I was “ragged” as the workout describes. This workout actually has ascending sendoff times with the goal of swimming faster 100’s, however increasing every 2-3 sendoff time by 5 seconds, thus giving more rest to swim faster.

Since I am changing things up, this was a good start. I swam my standard 1,000 warm up first. Going into the main set I did a total of 18×100 – my first 3×100 I came in on 2:07 with a 2:20 sendoff, by 17 I did 2:00 and by 18 I came in on 1:59, both on a 2:50 send off. My reaction when I saw 1:59? Yippee! There is something to this. When I run speed intervals I recover the equal amount of time I run, so taking more time to recover in swimming makes sense.

Tonight is a weight workout and my training partner and I are upping the reps to 15 in two sets and increasing the weight a little for the upper body sets. I really didn’t feel much from Tuesday’s workout. (My training partner doesn’t read my blog often, so she is in for a surprise…) Once again, a change of pace.

All too often the first reaction to the word change is resistance. I know I can attest to it. A change in my approach to my workout appears to be changing my pace. Faster. I will put it to the test next week when I do my time trials. Wow, March is a week away. Time is flying by. I don’t want to miss a minute so a change of pace just may do me good.

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