“Not Every Day is a Good Day…

…But there is something good in every day.” I heard this quote over the weekend and thought it was a nice sentiment, but a little corny. Then today happened. I woke up feeling a little under the weather. I have a tiny head cold, nothing to stop my training, just enough to have me out of whack. I sure wish that was the worst of it. My swim went well, I made sure I did my flip turns during my warm up and warm down. I did them very imperfectly, but there is room for improvement and that is my goal for March – get the turns down well and be able to flip during my main set by the end of the month.

I am planning on running four miles this evening, it is a beautiful day here – almost 50 degrees. The wind gusts are also up to 50 miles per hour, so I am thinking the treadmill will be my running ground tonight. So much for running again in my new Brooks Pure Cadence shoes tonight. Again, I wish that was the worst thing that happened today.

So why is today not a good day? I live 17 miles from Chardon High School. Today, for a reason no one will ever understand or accept, a student decided to bring a gun to school and use it. He shot five students, killing one boy. I have seen events like this time and again on the news, I never thought it could happen so close to home. But it did. I am not going to editorialize at all about the tragedy. I did not know any of the victims or the shooter, who is in custody. All I know is a family lost their son today. I can look at my day that is not so good and find my good in the day – my training is advancing and I will run out my stress tonight. I hope these students and families are able to find something good in today, a little something to return the peace in their lives. Because as much as their worlds have stopped, the Earth continues to turn and we have to find a way to go on. Blessings may seem small or hidden, but they are there. We just have to keep looking for them.

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  1. I read about this story this morning and my heart aches for all involved. So sorry to learn that you live so close. I live about 25 minutes from the infamous Von Maur shootings. I can still remember where I was at my work when I heard the news and the gravity of the situation sunk in. I think about the parents of all the victims and the parents of the shooter as well. Kids are too young to have to deal with such misery and confusion. I hope you have a good run and can clear some of the bad thoughts out of your head.

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