Ups and Downs

I never consider elevation to be much of an issue living in Northeast Ohio. My home is at an 1,175 foot elevation. Yesterday during my assessment the trainer commented that my heart rate during the half marathon should have averaged a bit lower than usual since I was running at sea level. I took aContinue reading “Ups and Downs”

Getting Closer To the Wall

Hitting the wall is not something athletes ever want to do. Most frequently when the phrase “hit the wall” is used it is in reference to running and usually experienced somewhere between miles 17 through 24 of a marathon. I am working to get close enough to hit the wall – and push off ofContinue reading “Getting Closer To the Wall”

Perfume and Chocolate

On Valentine’s Day it is appropriate to begin by acknowledging the passions in our lives. Of course there is the obvious person that is the object of our affection if we should be so blessed to have someone. As a triathlete, there are many other passions to celebrate today as well. Sharing the passion ofContinue reading “Perfume and Chocolate”

Think Pink – Save the Tatas

We arrived in Jacksonville today and were eager to get to the race expo after lunch. Race expos are always a fun experience. So much to see, running and racing gear to purchase, and free SWAG to sort through. The expo for the Finish Breast Cancer Marathon is extra special. And Pink. No where elseContinue reading “Think Pink – Save the Tatas”