Out Like a Lion

The end of March is here. I started the month with the hope of becoming stronger, a stronger lion of sorts. I am happy to say I am seeing improvements. My running is definitely stronger and my swimming has improved as well. In keeping with stronger, I did increase my weights for lifting this month... Continue Reading →

Two a Day

Two workouts in one day is a common occurrence for me, however two swims in one day is new to me. I have done it five times in the past two months, including today. Each time I go into the second swim thinking I am too tired to do this. Each time I come out... Continue Reading →

Making Strides

Today's workouts both convinced me I am making progress, or strides if you will. First in the pool. I swam another speed workout and noticed my pace is improving and I am nailing my flip turns. The swim this morning was the first one that I really felt like my flips in the main set... Continue Reading →

A Lesson From Vampire Fiction

This morning my endurance swim workout did just that, tested my endurance. It was a 2,500 meter swim with a 1,800 main set made up of 6 repeats of 150 meters, 100 meters, and 50 meters. The goal is to increase the pace every two sets within the 6 repeats. I did my flip turns... Continue Reading →

Back in the Swim of Things

After a week away from a 25 meter pool, it was good to be back at my gym. I remembered my flip turns and have them down well. Getting control of my breathing is the next step. One thing I know for sure, swimming in an 11 meter pool really cut down my endurance! I... Continue Reading →

All Good Things…

...must come to an end. Titling today's blog entry was a toss up between my selected title and "Murphy's Law". What should I expect after "A Perfect Day"? We docked this morning in Florida but had to have our packed luggage outside our cabin last night. I scrambled to get everything packed leaving the essentials... Continue Reading →

A Perfect Day

Today is a perfect day for my last full day at sea. If this had been a typical Friday, I would have been up by 4:30 to get to the pool. Today I awoke at 7:00 and was at the ship's sport pool by 7:45. I swam what I calculated to be 1,700 meters before... Continue Reading →

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