Out Like a Lion

The end of March is here. I started the month with the hope of becoming stronger, a stronger lion of sorts. I am happy to say I am seeing improvements. My running is definitely stronger and my swimming has improved as well. In keeping with stronger, I did increase my weights for lifting this monthContinue reading “Out Like a Lion”

A Lesson From Vampire Fiction

This morning my endurance swim workout did just that, tested my endurance. It was a 2,500 meter swim with a 1,800 main set made up of 6 repeats of 150 meters, 100 meters, and 50 meters. The goal is to increase the pace every two sets within the 6 repeats. I did my flip turnsContinue reading “A Lesson From Vampire Fiction”

Just Keep Swimming, I Won’t Give Up

My mantras are working. This morning I swam a speed workout, it is Tuesday after all. I did my standard 1,000 meter warm up and went into 18×100 meter repeats with progressing speed and increasing interval times for recovery. I did all of them with flip turns – I was not able to break 2:00Continue reading “Just Keep Swimming, I Won’t Give Up”

‘Mid Pleasures and Palaces Though I May Roam

My Sunday began as so many do, I ran my long run this morning. Ten miles through the hills of my town. In the past when I have run after returning from a vacation at sea level, I feel lethargic and as if I have lead in my legs. This time I had actually ranContinue reading “‘Mid Pleasures and Palaces Though I May Roam”

All Good Things…

…must come to an end. Titling today’s blog entry was a toss up between my selected title and “Murphy’s Law”. What should I expect after “A Perfect Day”? We docked this morning in Florida but had to have our packed luggage outside our cabin last night. I scrambled to get everything packed leaving the essentialsContinue reading “All Good Things…”

Swimming With a Dolphin

Today we docked at Cozumel, Mexico. Of all of the sight seeing and activities available, the Dolphin Push, Pull & Swim with Manatee Interaction was an adventure I couldn’t resist. I met the tour group soon after we docked and headed to Chankanaab Park. The dolphins are such happy creatures, I felt it was contagious.Continue reading “Swimming With a Dolphin”