Consistency Is Paying Off

“Doing anything consistently should make you better at it.” – Manage Better Now This quote appears today in my friend’s 100th blog post. It is also well worth reading his blog. These words jumped out at me and impacted me in many ways. Most of all it relates to my swimming. I shared yesterday that my 100 meter time trial improved by four seconds. This morning I swam my 1,500 meter time trial. Last month I had improved 38 seconds from January coming in on 32:32. I was very pleased with my improvement then. Some people I shared it with celebrated with me and a few thought I could have improved more. I went in to this morning with a goal of swimming it within 31:15, which would be a pace of 2:05 per 100 meters. When I started ramping up my swimming I was swimming my speed set 100’s barely on 2:05. This morning I swam a 600 meter warm up, yes flipping on the warm up, and set out on my time trial. There were a few distractions this morning that concerned me a little, the pressure on myself being the greatest. I had a good line of sight on the digital clock in the pool and knew I was ahead of my target. It was time to smile again when I touched the wall at the end – 31:05.

I have been consistent with my training and it is making me better at it. This lioness is growing in strength and in confidence. I am excited to work more (consistently) on my flip turns. Getting those down well should improve my time by one or two seconds per 100 meters alone. Strengthening my stroke and efficiency in addition and I should be able to break 30:00 on the 1,500 meter trial soon. Seeing the fruits of my labor encourages me to take my progress to the next level.

The quote also influenced me to reflect on other “things” I do consistently and question if I really want to get better at those things. Good habits, absolutely. Hitting the snooze button? Probably not. In my training, I want to continue the training plan and maintain consistency. How I have handled a few personal areas – not so much. Toxic relationships? New habits are needed and follow consistently. Eating habits? I am good most of the time, but training twice a day sometimes leads to justifying eating food that just is not good for me no matter how many calories I burn. Definitely need a little more consistency in my diet. Valued relationships? My busy lifestyle sometimes limits my time, I have always said we make time for what is most important to us, I want to be more consistent in spending time with those I value most.

Soon I will head to the pool for swim workout two today, as long as the impending thunderstorms do not close the pool early. I am excited to see my consistent training paying off. I am more excited to see all of the other areas I can improve with modifications – done consistently.

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I want to encourage everyone to follow your passions, not just what is easy. It is in overcoming hurdles and barriers that we truly test our limits and abilities. There is much more we are capable of if we only believe in ourselves.

9 thoughts on “Consistency Is Paying Off

    1. Glad you got a swim in! I had to stop at 1450 tonight, lightening wouldn’t stop. Our indoor pool is connected to the oustide so storms close the pool. You have inspired me to make healthy pizza this weekend!

  1. Consistency is not the word that I would use to describe my current training program. Perhaps as you have eloquently pointed out, it is time to follow my own advice. You my dear, are amazing. There is not much more I can say on that topic.

  2. Oooh, you’re making me crave wanting to get back into it. I know I will sometime in the future, just have to wait til my kids can let themselves in and even feed themselves if necessary. Training for a half-iron took a lot away from them. But with a bunch of friends off doing the Desert Tri in Palm Springs this weekend, I’m missing being a part of it. I look forward to living vicariously through you for a while.

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