Flexibility is very helpful when you are athletic, and not just physically. I swam this morning and had every intention of swimming this afternoon too. Then I walked outside and it was sunny and in the 60’s. I decided my schedule this week is flexible and it was time for a run. The 5 mile run that I planned for tomorrow will be replaced with a swim, this evening’s run was wonderful. Early Spring, well technically late Winter, is an inspirational time for me. Hearing the birds sing, smelling the crispness in the air, and feeling the warming temperature all offer encouragement along my run. I did not feel like I was running for training, I was running because that was the best activity to do on such a beautiful day. Hard to believe that just on Sunday I was writing about braving the elements. Oh the variability of March.

As for my swim this morning, it was a 2,600 meter endurance swim made up of 100 meter repeats mostly for the main set. I am striving to maintain the pace I did in my 1,500 meter time trial and improve on it. I was able to stay within 2 second plus or minus the 2:04 pace I swam in the 1,500. Toward the end my arms were reminding me of the weight I added yesterday when lifting. I guess it worked, I felt the burn.  My flip turns are improving, I actually like doing them now. Imagine that, not only am I flexible enough to flip, I have changed my opinion on flips. I no longer fear doing it, I look forward to it.

Being flexible helps physically, stretching can help improve this, but it takes time. Flexibility of the mind or will opens up opportunities and experiences that could be missed if I choose to be rigid. The best part is it can be done in an instant. I am a firm believer in structure and schedules, I live by them, but I also know the importance of having enough flexibility to not miss out on the joys that are before me. I don’t want to miss the good stuff. These are decisions that can be made without much stretching practice. And that is all part of seizing the day.

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I want to encourage everyone to follow your passions, not just what is easy. It is in overcoming hurdles and barriers that we truly test our limits and abilities. There is much more we are capable of if we only believe in ourselves.

4 thoughts on “Flexibility

  1. Absolutely right on. I’ve never been one for schedules and thankfully my job and sleeping habits allow for a huge degree of flexibility – when I get the urge to hit the road I’m usually out of the office within an hour – throw in the excellent weather we’ve been having and I almost have to strap myself to my office chair. This is always the toughest time of the year for me – I can’t wait to knock the rust off – and as you said, the birds chirping, the smell of spring in the air and being able to feel the sun again… It just can’t be beat.

    Thanks for throwing off my morning, time to get the rope out.

  2. I’ve been running for years, and I hate to stretch! It’s so bad at this point, it’s too uncomfortable for me to touch my toes. Ha ha! Magically, I haven’t had any injuries because of it. No idea how.

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