Better To Give Than To Receive

Today I am doing things a little differently. First, I am taking a rest day today. Tomorrow I have a 5 mile race and I think it would be best if I take it easy today. So I don’t have a workout or active rest activity to write about.

Second, today is a special day. It is my birthday. I have always believed birthdays are to be celebrated and I choose to give back today. When I started this blog I thought it would be fun to share my training experiences while trying out my writing skills. I am enjoying it more than I had imagined. Reading other blogs is something I want to do to expand my knowledge and learn more about other people and how they write. Never did I think I would meet such a great group of people that teach me so much every day. Beyond practical knowledge I have also learned a wide variety of things that I want to share with all who read my blog. I read and exchange comments with people literally around the world. From my Canadian neighbors to Great Britain to Australia, I read blogs and exchange comments. What a wonderful world brought to me on my Mac. So – I follow quite a few blogs and would love to list all of them here, but for the sake of space I am listing nine of my favorites. Why nine and not ten? Today is March 9th, my special day and 9 is my favorite number. Here they are, please take time to visit them – it will be well worth your click.

First my “girlfriends” – these blogs are written by women. They each bring a different twist to life, some runners, all athletic and all inspiring. I look forward to reading their blogs just like I look forward to talking with my girlfriends, so they are considered my friends too.

Hippie Itch – Adrienne writes about all of the things I love – fitness, healthy eating, and animal lovers. The best.

How To Date Boys – the title says it all and this anonymous lady writes some of the best experiences about dating in the 21st century. Love it.

Inspiring and Healthy Running in London – this inspiring runner has lived in both Europe and the US, currently in London. She shares her running experience and often adds inspiring quotes. Great read.

Maternal Media – a mom, writer, and inspiring lady who always shares something thought provoking. Read and be motivated.

Next category of bloggers I would say are the athletic men sharing there journey. Both are runners and/or triathletes. The life experiences they share are uplifting.

Chasing Fifty – the title explains it. This gentleman is turning 50 this year and has a list of 5 adventures he is pursing before the big 5-0. He has 3 down, including a marathon. Next up are a duathlon and an Olympic distance triathlon. Always a motivating and sometimes funny experience.

Footprints on the Course – Nick is a runner, father, and Christian who incorporates his faith with his running. Very inspiring.

My three stand alone categories. These three blogs cover a wide area of information. I will explain with each one.

Manage Better Now – the author is anonymous and writes about management. I have found his writings to be applicable to many areas of life, not just management. He is also a triathlete and sometimes weaves it into his writings too. Great perspectives.

Phot0Botos – Charlie and Tom created this blog to bring a new image daily with a description. View and be awed. How they find such amazing photographs every day is amazing.

JoggingJeans – Jill has landed on a great topic – her blog is sharing pictures and stories about people, yes, running and jogging in jeans. It happens far more than one would expect. It is an entertaining escape and worth checking out. The folks at Runner’s World magazine agree, she was mentioned in the April 2012 issue on stands now.

So there it is, my gift to you, my readers. Make it a great day, I sure hope to.

Published by elisariva

I want to encourage everyone to follow your passions, not just what is easy. It is in overcoming hurdles and barriers that we truly test our limits and abilities. There is much more we are capable of if we only believe in ourselves.

19 thoughts on “Better To Give Than To Receive

  1. 1) Happy Birthday – I hope it’s excellent and restful!
    2) Good Luck tomorrow! (only now am I realizing that the comment above is the same…)
    3) Thank you SO much for the sweet shout-out and putting me in your top 9! I feel the same about reading your entries – your the most inspiring blog I follow 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday!
    Safe running tomorrow!
    I enjoy your blog too! I agree that the connections that are made are the best part of blogging!

  3. Happy Birthday! Your post truly did “give” today… to be mentioned in your blog was truly humbling. I really enjoy reading your blog and pray you have wonderful day! Thanks again

    BTW- Great decision to rest today and good luck tomorrow!

  4. First and foremost, Happy Birthday! You are one of the biggest reasons I blog each day. It motivates me when I know you will be reading what I write, and it always makes my day when you comment (no pressure). Your writing has inspired me and I am slowly getting some consistency back into my training program. It is unlikely that I will ever be able to keep up with you, but you got me trying so know that you are having a positive impact on people’s lives.

    I am not familiar with anyone on your list except for Jill, who I am a big fan of. I will however take a moment to check out the rest of these blogs because you obviously have phenomenal taste. Not sure if How To Date Boys will make it into my daily routine, but I can appreciate good writing on any topic. Thank you for the suggestions

    Have a good race!

    1. Thank you! I too look forward to your daily blog. Very good to know my trials and accomplishments are helpful. Who knew that learning a flip turn could offer so much to write about? As for learning from other blogs, it is always helpful to get into the mind of the opposite sex – you may be surprised at what happens!

  5. Awww!! HAPPY B-DAY and thanks for the awesome gift you’ve given ME by sharing my blog with your circle of influence. I need to check out all the blogs you’ve listed above. Totally trust your judgement of what’s good to follow. What a nice treat to be able to log in on a Friday night and see that you gave me a shout out. The fact that you posted this on your b-day screams volumes about your generous spirit. Have a great one. Re: the race tomorrow, you’ll kill it!

  6. Thanks for the kind words. Gla d to hear you PR’d. Isn’t that a great feeling? Awesome accomplishment.

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