Springing Forward

Changing to daylight savings can mess up a schedule by losing an hour. Case in point, I am writing later that I usually do. But more than losing an hour, I like gaining more daylight. Fortunately today was a beautiful day and the sun shined clear until it set – an hour later than yesterday. Tomorrow when I get up to go swim it will be darker, but I will go along with the tradeoff.

Today truly was a perfect spring day so I had to go for my long run.  I ran 10 miles. In my hilly neighborhood. The day after running a 5 mile race with hills. The run went well, I took it easy and still was pleased with my pace. I am paying for it now, my legs feel like I ran 15 miles. Wait, I did actually, in two days… It doesn’t matter, I enjoyed being outside and running. Last Sunday I ran in 35 degree weather, wind and snow. Today I had sunshine, subtle breeze and it was in the 50’s. Another wonderful thing about March, the ups and downs as Spring settles in.

Although the official start of Spring is still ten days a away (not that I am counting), the transition seems to bring an awakening. People were outside today, wave as I ran by, some I even shared a comment with about the beautiful day. It is as if we are coming out of the winter haze, I refrain from saying hibernation considering the level of training I have been doing,  taking notice of our surroundings in a way we haven’t seen since the daylight hours were shortened. The “springing forward” of the clock may take an hour from me for one day, but it brings the ability to appreciate the daylight longer – which really helps with later runs. And that is something to put a spring in my step.

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I want to encourage everyone to follow your passions, not just what is easy. It is in overcoming hurdles and barriers that we truly test our limits and abilities. There is much more we are capable of if we only believe in ourselves.

9 thoughts on “Springing Forward

    1. You will, just add a mile a week. I saw your transformation on your blog. Great job! If you can lose that weight, you can run 10 miles. The best rewards are the hardest to achieve.

    1. I didn’t realize the UK didn’t move the start back when the US did. In time! Hmmm, I have a taste for frozen yoghurt now too… Have a great day.

  1. The hour of lost sleep this weekend was a small price to pay to run in the daylight after work. I will be out there getting it done tonight. Likely be a while before I get back to ten milers. I started with Vibrams in January and it was like starting over with running. I am only up to about three miles in them, but I am slowly building back up.

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