Push It

Today in both my swim and my run I would have to say I really pushed it. First in the pool, this morning we tried a new endurance swim that is geared to maintain a consistent pace. My training partner and I each set our target pace that we are hoping to maintain for a long course swim based on our current ability. The main set was made up of repeats of 4 x 50 meters followed by a 200 meter interval. All done on the same pace. What seems moderate for 50 meters with about 10 to 12 seconds rest is quite up tempo for 200 meters. I can honestly say at the end of the swim I had put it all out there. My biggest encouragement was being able to keep shoulder to shoulder with a gal swimming in the lane next to me. I have always considered her a stronger swimmer. I maintained the 50 meter pace fine and I did flip turns. For the 200’s I had to stop flipping and even then it was a stretch. I was about 7 seconds slower than I wanted. I completed a total of 2,500 meters and was so tired it took me a bit longer to hoist myself out of the pool.

So what do you do in the afternoon after a hard swim? Five mile tempo run of course. The temperature is 75, the sun is shining, I couldn’t help myself. Until the end of the first mile. I had forgotten just how warm 75 degrees is when running hard. It didn’t help the situation either that I ran from home and encountered the neighborhood hills. The first mile was at my tempo speed, then the side stitches started and my heart rate went into my anaerobic zone. From the end of mile one to the 3.5 mile mark is a gain of 150 feet elevation. There is a bit of a break for a half mile and then mile 4 starts with another climb of 80 feet. So I learned that my tempo runs should probably be done on flatter terrain in the future. Overall my time was good for a regular run that isn’t too easy.

Would I change anything if I had to do it again? Maybe start out a bit slower on my run and pick it up the last two miles. When I push it like today, I realize there is more I am able to accomplish. Just when I was getting into my “believe” mantra I have a day like today that extends it – pushes my mantra to “believe you are able to accomplish more.” I like it.

Published by elisariva

I want to encourage everyone to follow your passions, not just what is easy. It is in overcoming hurdles and barriers that we truly test our limits and abilities. There is much more we are capable of if we only believe in ourselves.

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