Sunday at Sea

This morning I got up early to to get my ten mile run in so I could have the rest of the day at leisure. I was on the track before 7:00 AM and was able to capture a picture of the sunrise. The sea, clouds, and awakening sun was a wonderful view to begin my run. Twenty four laps around was my goal for 10 miles. A friend who has sailed this ship suggested I start early as walkers begin crowding track as the morning progresses. I am glad I listened to him. For my first five miles it was relatively quiet, there were a few other runners and even a few walkers. The ship posts very clearly on the track that runners should stay to the left and walkers to the right. Just a few times did I have to announce “on your left” as I passed by. I didn’t find the repetition of the laps too monotonous. I broke it down into segments of three laps and would just think “three more laps and I am closer to finishing.” I also would pay attention to the others on the track and think “how many times have I passed her? Wow, how many times did he pass me? No wonder she was so fast, she only ran a mile….” Before I knew it I was done. What a difference a flat course makes! I was 36 seconds per mile faster than my ten mile run last week.

We were at breakfast before ten and at the pool by eleven. I love reading in the sun and took advantage of it. This morning we sat by the sports pool. Before we headed to lunch I jumped in the pool, showed my friend my flip turn progress, and tried a lap. Eight strokes later I was at the opposite wall. So tomorrow when we are in Haiti I will be doing an open water swim. Life is rough, I tell ya.

I have been trying to upload my sunrise picture, but it has not been successful. I guess even the most perfect vacation days may have a few clouds. Well, that will just leave me with more to share later. Now a sun chair is calling my name over the steel drum band playing pool side.

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