This morning I got up in time to get a five mile run in before the ship reached the port. I was on the ship’s track before 7:30 and once again I had a great run. The track has markers on the ground where each mile is, so I was able to split my watch at each mile. I ran negative splits with mile 5 being 1:07 faster than mile one. A very encouraging workout. Being able to keep up with my training while on vacation has helped me in so many ways. The food for one is amazing. While I am being smart about my food selections, I don’t feel too guilty indulging here and there knowing I am burning calories training. I also have peace of mind knowing I am able to take a vacation but still stay on track as I prepare for my races in the next few months. As the Jamaicans say “Irie” or “don’t worry about a thing”. Hearing Bob Marley today reminded me that while every little thing doesn’t alway turn out all right, worrying about it doesn’t do much good.

After my run and breakfast we headed out to town. Today we docked at Falmouth, Jamaica. Before Royal Caribbean built the Oasis, the cruise ships either stopped at Montego Bay or Ocho Rios. This ship is too large for the docks and carries too many passengers to dock away and shuttle people to shore. As a result, the cruise line built a port at the town of Falmouth, which is about half way between the other two towns. Several shore excursions would take us to Montego Bay, but we had a beach day yesterday. My friend and I decided on a walking tour of the town. What a great choice. Our guide took us through Falmouth on a two hour walking tour. We saw many historic buildings, many built in the Georgian style. I learned quite a bit about the city and nation’s history and heritage. The income level in Jamaica is very low compared to US standards, but the people seem to be very happy. Irie is a way of life here. Along the tour our guide pointed out a restaurant we may like for lunch or a very authentic place that specializes in jerk – the spicy traditional food of Jamaica. I am one for the local flare, so we went for the Jerk. Best choice of the day…

At Pepper’s Jerk Center we found an open air bar and a few tables covered under straw roofed shelters. Vahn, the owner, opened the establishment soon after the port was built. It is far from a tourist trap and worth the visit if you want an authentic Jamaican meal and experience. We sat at the bar, enjoyed jerk chicken and pork with a Red Stripe beer. Or two. The jerk pork is absolutely fabulous and I savored every bite. We talked with Vahn a while and learned more about the Jamaican culture. Since the port opened, the economy here has benefitted very well. Our tour guide showed us a town center that was vastly improved in a joint venture with Royal Caribbean. I was happy to see the tourism has helped this town so much. From our tour guide and from Vahn I learned that life here in Jamaica is pleasant and the people truly are happy. Of course I helped the local economy myself after lunch with a few purchases in town. Tonight we set sail and are at sea tomorrow. Another Irie day awaits.

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I want to encourage everyone to follow your passions, not just what is easy. It is in overcoming hurdles and barriers that we truly test our limits and abilities. There is much more we are capable of if we only believe in ourselves.

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