A Perfect Day

Today is a perfect day for my last full day at sea. If this had been a typical Friday, I would have been up by 4:30 to get to the pool. Today I awoke at 7:00 and was at the ship’s sport pool by 7:45. I swam what I calculated to be 1,700 meters before meeting my friend. We went up for breakfast and ate at the ship’s solarium cafe. My typical Friday swim would be at least 3,000 meters and I would be in the locker room eating a cheese stick and hard boiled egg while I dressed. I spent the rest of the morning reading poolside. A nice breeze and warm sunshine my surroundings while I escaped in the world of Vampire fiction only JR Ward can so captivatingly write. We ate lunch outside at the Wipeout Cafe with a surfer motif, again, just a few steps from the pool. At home I would be eating at my desk while I get a few things done at work.

I am back poolside, in the sun and taking a break from reading while I write. Could a day get any better? I am spending vacation time with one of my best friends I don’t get to see often enough since we live in different states. Life is grand experiencing such a wonderful cruise with a friend who gets me, doesn’t judge me if I don’t wear my makeup to the pool, shares the same chuckles with me when we see a woman tanning in a thong she has no business wearing in public, and makes me want to say “yes” when people ask if we are sisters. I know my training schedule (even on vacation) is not close to the typical person who exercises and my love of blogging takes up time too. I had to laugh when I told her at breakfast I am done for the day with my workouts. Her eyes widened and she said “get your blog done at the pool and then the rest of the day is mine!” We didn’t make it to the hot tub last night because her scuba adventure wore her out. My casino adventure was quite successful and she wants to give it a try, so we are going to do both tonight.

As I said, today is a perfect day for my last full day at sea. Yes, the weather is lovely. Of course I am enjoying the vacation of a lighter training schedule. All I have seen and experienced will providing life long memories. But sharing it with a wonderful friend makes it the best. Life truly is grand. Very grand.

Published by elisariva

I want to encourage everyone to follow your passions, not just what is easy. It is in overcoming hurdles and barriers that we truly test our limits and abilities. There is much more we are capable of if we only believe in ourselves.

5 thoughts on “A Perfect Day

  1. I am so excited for many reasons. You and our friend had a marvelous time, on so my levels. There is nothing better than beating memories like that. Just don’t forget to come home.

  2. Living vicariously through you right now! So happy to hear you are having such a good time. Hope to complete an entry tonight. Haven’t blogged in awhile.

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