Just Keep Swimming, I Won’t Give Up

My mantras are working. This morning I swam a speed workout, it is Tuesday after all. I did my standard 1,000 meter warm up and went into 18×100 meter repeats with progressing speed and increasing interval times for recovery. I did all of them with flip turns – I was not able to break 2:00 with the flips, but I am doing it. I have to admit I got a little frustrated. My times are a bit slower since I am still getting the rhythm of the flip down. I also did not do speed work for over a week, so I have some making up to do. My “Just keep swimming” song from Finding Nemo came in handy. It got me through and I was very happy to have completed 3,000 meters. I am a work in progress and my progress so far has been good. No as I just keep swimming I hope to see more progress.

This evening I ran 5 miles. The weather was perfect – lower 50’s and a setting sun. I wore my Brooks PureCadence minimalist shoes and have been adapting well. My pace was strong – faster than I usually run my 5 mile course. With that said, at mile 2 I hit the steepest hill on  my run. At that point the thought of making it a 4 mile run was enticing. I still had more hill to run, I was considering my options. Then Dory started singing in my head. “Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.” Which is funny for a run. I quickly changed channels in my mind (no iPod on this run) and thought of Jason Mraz I Won’t Give Up.  Now this is a love song that I think every woman would love to hear, but the title also helped me get through the hill and finish the 5 miles. Plus I sang the song in my head and it is one of my very favorites. Extra motivation.

Children’s movie songs or adult love songs, if it works to get me through and help me take my training to the next level, than I am all for it. Motivation comes from so many sources. Music is a big influence for me. Searching for what motivates me is also part of the journey. Stretching my limits, finding motivation to carry me, and seeing my improvement are elements of what the journey is about. And after all, isn’t that the best part?

Published by elisariva

I want to encourage everyone to follow your passions, not just what is easy. It is in overcoming hurdles and barriers that we truly test our limits and abilities. There is much more we are capable of if we only believe in ourselves.

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