Two a Day

Two workouts in one day is a common occurrence for me, however two swims in one day is new to me. I have done it five times in the past two months, including today. Each time I go into the second swim thinking I am too tired to do this. Each time I come out thinking I am so glad I did it. Today I almost convinced myself to swim in the morning tomorrow instead because thunderstorms were in the area. When the time came to leave work the rain had cleared. I have to laugh at my reasoning: I was tired and thought if I get the swim in today, I can sleep in a bit more tomorrow. So off to the pool I went. I swam 3,000 meters this morning and 1,900 meters this evening. My intent was to swim 2,000 but my tired brain lost track and I missed a 100 meter interval. Oops.

The whole purpose of the second swim is to get six swims in one week in. I only plan on doing this through April and then resume a normal (?) training plan of only three to five swims in a week. I have seen an improvement in my pace, efficiency, and overall speed. That said, I am aware of where I have to work the most on improving. Endurance. My 50 meter and 100 meter repeats are fairly consistent. Add in the 200 meter repeats and I slow down more than I would like. This gives me a good review to work with and know what I need to work on. Swimming all these workouts has not only helped me become stronger, it has honed in on where I need to improve.

Regardless of the task – a workout, house chore, bill to pay – there will always be things we don’t want to do. Excuses can be made and the can kicked down the road, but eventually it catches up with us. Weight gain, disappointing race results, dirty house or late notice – something will force us into action. Once the task is taken on and accomplished, often the resulting reaction is similar to my second swim – I am so glad I did it. I hope you find this motivating, because I sure have. Now I am going to spend some time this weekend on those house chores I keep putting off….

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I want to encourage everyone to follow your passions, not just what is easy. It is in overcoming hurdles and barriers that we truly test our limits and abilities. There is much more we are capable of if we only believe in ourselves.

6 thoughts on “Two a Day

  1. I’m curious — how do you structure your two-a-days? I just started training for a half-marathon. (I’m too afraid to sign up for it, but will within the next few weeks.) I am figuring that once the weather warms up, all of my runs will be outside so I’ll have to make time for the gym — suggestions are definitely welcome (and appreciated)!

    1. Congratulations on committing to a half marathon. That is my favorite race distance. I love both running and triathlon, which requires more than 7 workouts a week… Two a days take time to build up. I have a flexible career so I am able to workout weekend mornings before work and then again after. Training for a half can be done with 4 -5 runs a week. Inside/outside – I live in Northeast Ohio and I have a 15 degree rule – for most runs if it isn’t very windy I will run outside 15 degrees or more. Proper clothing is essential and a good running store will help. Do you have a good training schedule or plan? I really like Hal Higdon’s plans. His web is his name I hope that helps! Good luck!

      1. I am following a similar plan — it is more for base-building though.

        My goal pace is slow (13 min) right now, for the half, but I notice that my outside runs are about 11:30 so far. I am still shooting low and for completion since I’ve never run one before. I’m in Boston and while the cold doesn’t bother me so much (I do have some good cold weather/UA gear), the wind can.

        I will definitely be checking your page for ideas and motivation on the regular! šŸ™‚

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