Swimming With a Dolphin

Today we docked at Cozumel, Mexico. Of all of the sight seeing and activities available, the Dolphin Push, Pull & Swim with Manatee Interaction was an adventure I couldn't resist. I met the tour group soon after we docked and headed to Chankanaab Park. The dolphins are such happy creatures, I felt it was contagious.... Continue Reading →

Swimming at Sea

Today I tried out the "lap" pool on board. The pool is just over 11 meters long. To the ship's credit, they do a good job creating the lap swim atmosphere. Lane line ropes are put in place to create two lap lanes. I figured five laps would be about 110 meters. Just after seven... Continue Reading →


This morning I got up in time to get a five mile run in before the ship reached the port. I was on the ship's track before 7:30 and once again I had a great run. The track has markers on the ground where each mile is, so I was able to split my watch... Continue Reading →


This morning we docked at Labadee, Haiti at 7:30. By 8:00 we were off the boat and suiting up to zip line. After a brief introduction we went to the practice lines. Everyone got to zip down a 500 foot long line to experience how it is done. I was a little nervous for the... Continue Reading →

Sunday at Sea

This morning I got up early to to get my ten mile run in so I could have the rest of the day at leisure. I was on the track before 7:00 AM and was able to capture a picture of the sunrise. The sea, clouds, and awakening sun was a wonderful view to begin... Continue Reading →

An Irish Blessed Day

I began my day in Florida with a 3.5 mile walk passing all the cruise ships coming in for their next excursion. Today is an active rest day and what a way to begin St, Patrick's Day, the road rose up to meet us along the walk. We boarded the ship as the light wind... Continue Reading →

Spring Break

My favorite Spring activity has arrived - my Spring vacation. As I type this I am sitting at a table at Great Lakes Brewing Co. in the Cleveland airport. Enjoying a Dortmunder Gold and having dinner waiting for my (delayed) flight, what a great way to start vacation. My destination today is Florida, but tomorrow... Continue Reading →

The Ides of March

March 15th marks the Ides of March, or simply put - the mid point of the month. Julius Caesar was infamously killed on this date and even warned of it with the line Shakespeare penned "beware of the Ides of March". Well, there is no warning today, however it is a good time to review... Continue Reading →

Push It

Today in both my swim and my run I would have to say I really pushed it. First in the pool, this morning we tried a new endurance swim that is geared to maintain a consistent pace. My training partner and I each set our target pace that we are hoping to maintain for a... Continue Reading →

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