Spring Break

My favorite Spring activity has arrived – my Spring vacation. As I type this I am sitting at a table at Great Lakes Brewing Co. in the Cleveland airport. Enjoying a Dortmunder Gold and having dinner waiting for my (delayed) flight, what a great way to start vacation. My destination today is Florida, but tomorrowContinue reading “Spring Break”

The Ides of March

March 15th marks the Ides of March, or simply put – the mid point of the month. Julius Caesar was infamously killed on this date and even warned of it with the line Shakespeare penned “beware of the Ides of March”. Well, there is no warning today, however it is a good time to reviewContinue reading “The Ides of March”

From Thunder to Sunshine

Ten minutes before my alarm was to go off this morning a thunderstorm moved through. Before I had dogs I used to love sleeping through storms, now I brace for the leap. My 9 pound shih tzu is terrified of thunderstorms and leaped on top of me shaking and panting. I figured I wouldn’t beContinue reading “From Thunder to Sunshine”

And I’m Feeling Good

Sing it in your head, hear Michael Buble¬†(click link to listen along)¬†singing “Birds flying high, you know how I feel…” That is how I felt after my run this afternoon. It rained most of the day but stopped as I headed out to run four miles after work. It is cloudy but the sun isContinue reading “And I’m Feeling Good”