Better To Give Than To Receive

Today I am doing things a little differently. First, I am taking a rest day today. Tomorrow I have a 5 mile race and I think it would be best if I take it easy today. So I don’t have a workout or active rest activity to write about. Second, today is a special day.Continue reading “Better To Give Than To Receive”

Home Away From Home

As I turned into the parking lot of my gym this afternoon, I looked at the building and without giving it a second thought I said out loud “My home away from home.” Training for triathlon events really requires a gym membership. If anything just for the pool, however treadmills, spin classes, and a weightContinue reading “Home Away From Home”

Braving the Elements

Sometimes the unseen things are far more powerful than the visible. Today I ran my 9 mile long run. This winter has been the mildest winter I can ever remember – hardly any snow and above average temperatures. Of course today the weather was more seasonal and I woke to a cold and snow coveredContinue reading “Braving the Elements”

Consistency Is Paying Off

“Doing anything consistently should make you better at it.” – Manage Better Now This quote appears today in my friend’s 100th blog post. It is also well worth reading his blog. These words jumped out at me and impacted me in many ways. Most of all it relates to my swimming. I shared yesterday thatContinue reading “Consistency Is Paying Off”