This morning I thought I would work in my 100 meter swim time trial during a regular workout. When I finished I was not pleased with my time, even my training partner gave me an “awe shucks” expression when I told her 1:52 – the time I did in January and February. Last month I was at 1:48. So I told her this was my trial trial swim. Or as she put it, my pretrial. My warm up was different, my contact lens came out before I swam the 100, and there were a few other distractions at the pool. My head and my body were not in it. Since I always look for something good, my flip turns are getting stronger every time I swim. Tomorrow I will go at it again. I know I could have pulled under water a bit harder, so I will give it my all.

This evening it was sunny and in the low 50’s – perfect for a run. My legs are still feeling the pain from my long run yesterday, but that was not going to stop me. I went out for an easy 4 miles and felt great. I had a good pace for me for an easy run – 11:00 minute miles. This included some of the hills I have a love/hate relationship with. My heart rate did not spike, my mind was in it, and my body felt good. I am feeling the need to stretch now, but it is a good ache.

My day was framed with two workouts that delivered the opposite results of what I expected. I had hoped my swim would have been strong and fast and my run was to be an easy recovery. Instead my swim was slower than I hoped and my run was one of my most enjoyable runs. Go figure. Expectations and reality are not always in alignment. Did I have realistic expectations? I believe so, but that didn’t change reality. I have learned from it and will make modifications. I know I would rather go through this process now than in August when my half iron triathlon is September 9th. This is a good reason when it is important to keep a training routine going year round. A lot of practice is necessary to get fit, stay fit, and fine tune the areas of improvement. I looked up a definition for “pretrial” – a proceeding held before an official trial, especially to clarify points. My points have been clarified, now for the trial.


Published by elisariva

I want to encourage everyone to follow your passions, not just what is easy. It is in overcoming hurdles and barriers that we truly test our limits and abilities. There is much more we are capable of if we only believe in ourselves.

4 thoughts on “Pretrial

  1. When I saw the title “pretrial” I was thinking something completely different. I was on my way to Ohio to bail you out jail. Funny how words can have very different meanings for people. At any rate, you rock, but you know that.

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