New Record

I used to get nervous with butterflies in my stomach at the thought of attempting a flip turn in the pool. Now I flip with ease and think how fun it is. This morning that feeling crept back as I was finishing my warm up. I had swam my usual 1,000 meter warm up followed by 4×50 sprints to get my nervous system charged. Coming in on the last 50 the butterflies started. After a minute rest I was going to swim my real 100 meter time trial. I hit my split button on my watch and took off. I focused on quick arm turn over, extending, and pulling hard on the water. My mind kept telling me “swim hard, don’t slow down, one more lap, one more length, getting closer -don’t slow down.” I touched the wall and my watch said it all – 1:45. If I wasn’t panting so hard I would have screamed with joy. In all I swam 2,000 meters. One sign I knew I gave it all I had was that rest of my swim I felt exhausted and knew I couldn’t do any more fast sprints in my usual times. This may sound odd, but it was a good feeling.

This evening I lifted and tomorrow I plan on swimming my 1,500 meter time trial. The real thing I believe, I will know after my warm up if I am ready. If not, it will be on Monday’s schedule. I learned from yesterday that I have to be in the right place mentally and physically to accomplish what I hope. I am training, this isn’t a race I have no choice but to complete on a given day. In order to be prepared for my races, I have to go through these experiences. Little by little as I reach new peaks (like my fastest 100 meters ever), I gain more confidence as I get closer to the start line.

Believe – my core mantra. I believe I am capable of reaching my goals. Confidence that I will achieve my goals comes from experiencing it first hand. Yes, that also means I will keep raising the bar. Status quo is not something I am willing to accept. This morning I texted a friend with my time trial time and the conversation went on to how we are in our 40’s and still reaching new personal best times. He then said he wondered when we would slow down. I am guessing plateaus will start in the 50’s, but I won’t be banking on it… As long as I am improving I will roll with it. When the plateaus hit and I eventually slow down, you better believe I will still have goal times I plan on reaching. Back to my Jason Mraz song – I won’t give up.

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I want to encourage everyone to follow your passions, not just what is easy. It is in overcoming hurdles and barriers that we truly test our limits and abilities. There is much more we are capable of if we only believe in ourselves.

9 thoughts on “New Record

    1. Thank you! I have been spending the past three months focusing on my swimming in general to get faster. Triathlon season starts in June and I plan on doing a few sprints, maybe an Olympic distance but the big race is in September – Rev3 half iron distance.

      1. Nice! Right now my racing budget is going towards my kids’ baseball and Tae Kwon Do but I miss training for stuff! I think I’ll work on the running side of things for now and swim to cross train, but can’t work back into tris til my kids are old enough to get home and fix themselves a snack on their own. Good luck with your training! I will use your progress to inspire me to at least get out and move!

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