Lessons Learned

One very important pre-workout activity is proper sleep. That did not happen last night. I am not sure if it is Spring allergies or the effects of chlorine from flip turns, but my sinuses have been acting up. I feel fine, no signs of a cold, just stuffy and sneezy. (Boy I sound like two of the Dwarfs.) As a result, I kept waking up because I couldn’t breathe. Getting back to sleep was not hard, but then I would wake up again. So with maybe five hours collectively of sleep I headed to the pool later than usual knowing I was not going to swim my 1,500 time trial. I did swim a total of 2,500 meters with an endurance workout that had a total of 12×100 meter intervals. All but two I was able to come in on 2:05 or better, all on a 2:15 send off. So despite the lack of sleep I was able to hit my target pace for the workout. Either tomorrow or Monday will be the 1,500 trial. I will know when I wake up I guess.

Once again I ran this evening – my first speed interval set since my half marathon race in February. I ran 6 x 400 meters on the treadmill at 6.8 miles per hour which calculates to about 8:49 minute mile pace. I felt strong and wanted to push it up to 7.0, or 8:30, but I didn’t want to put too much stress on my body. Lack of sleep and this the first speed run workout in two months influenced me to take it easy. I want to run my next half marathon in 2:15 or better. I read in Runner’s World Magazine a while back about the “Yasso 800’s” for marathon training. Bart Yasso created a training tool to help determine a marathon finish time. By taking the goal time and converting it to minutes, a runner should be able to complete 10 x 800 meters on that time. For example a 4 hour marathon goal equates to 10 x 800 meters on 4 minute intervals. For a half marathon, I cut the time in half. At a pace of 8:49 I am running the 400 in 2:12. I am building up to 10 and hope it helps along with tempo runs. And finding flatter surfaces for my long runs…

Today was a good lesson for me again in expectations, reality, and rolling with it. I faced a few situations today in training and in other areas of my life that took me down a path I had not expected. Lack of sleep changed my swim workout, later day motivation turned into a good run workout, and reality became very clear in a situation I have been dealing with for far too long.  I will continue to set high expectations, it is the only way I will advance. Sometimes I will surprise myself and exceed my expectations. Sometimes things that are out of my control will change the course. What I learn from it and how I allow it to impact my life is under my control. I know I want to grow, get stronger, and be all I was created to be. And that is unfolding day by day.

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