Allergic to Weekdays

Last week I was stuffy and sneezy and over the weekend I was fine. Today, Monday, I am stuffy and sneezy again. I have concluded it is due to one of two causes – I am allergic to weekdays or the chlorine is irritating me now that I am flipping in the pool. While I enjoy flipping and would like to believe I am allergic to weekdays, common sense and true reason would indicate it is the chlorine. I am considering testing this out by not flipping in the pool one day and see if there is a difference. After working so hard to master a flip turn, I really do not want to miss it. So what is a girl to do? Call her doctor who also is a triathlete, luck of lucks! In the past I have used Flonase drops when allergies get bad. Even the “non-drowsy” over the counter allergy pills make me sleepy. I am already stuffy and sneezy, that dwarf can stay home. Fortunately I have not had to use any allergy medicine for almost two years. Looks like the tide has turned and my doc understands the need to swim, so I should be good to go soon.

This morning I did swim – hence the return of my sneeze. The workout was 2,500 meters in an endurance workout. I was a little off, but when I compare my times to just a few months ago I am improving. By the time I got home this afternoon, I was dragging but didn’t want to miss my run. I usually feel more energized after running. Out the door I went and along the way I decided on 3 miles. I have added an additional run on Saturdays so I know my mileage won’t suffer if I take it easy. Easy as in not as far as 5 miles today. My pace was great, even with the hills I face I ran negative splits (faster with each mile) and the last mile was uphill the first half. I felt great when I finished, but still sluggish. I plan on going to bed early after my chicken soup for dinner. Two of the best aides for how I feel – sleep and chicken soup.

Listening to my body and making adjustments is an integral part of training. Unfortunately there are no set references to go to like a set workout to determine what to do. Ignoring the issue and thinking I am allergic to weekdays may be funny, but it won’t stop reality. Modification to training, rest, proper diet all help. Just like with swimming, sometimes I need to seek the guidance of a coach, or my doctor in this case. I know I would rather address the little things now before the big things develop and hold me back. All part of living day by day and enjoying the journey.

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  1. Sounds like your swimming is coming along great! I am notoriously sneezy and snotty after a swim workout, and I know the chlorine is to blame…Even though I also fight allergies, especially this time of year.
    Glad to know you’ve conquered the ol’ flip turns.

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