A Few Snow Flakes Won’t Get Me Down

Today was a good day even though it snowed. Yes, it is April 10th and snow flakes fell. Fortunately it didn’t accumulate – yet. My good day started when I woke up after a full eight hours of sleep. Oh joy of joys that felt good. My swim this morning went well. Amazing what a good night’s sleep can do. I did a speed workout I haven’t done in a while, the typical 1,000 warm up then 4×100, 4×200, 4×100 with pulls in between. I swam a total of 3,000 meters. My 100’s were strong, coming in between 1:58 to 2:02 for all of them and I did all with flip turns. The 200’s, once dreaded, now are just annoying. Best equated to the love/hate relationship one would have with an ex. I just want to conquer it and swim consistently in the 4:00 to 4:05 range, just to say “so there, I am strong” with a good umph at the end. Today I was closer to 4:12. Next week I should have time to work with the swim coach and hopefully will be able to correct my stroke to improve my time. Even though I didn’t swim my 200’s as fast as I would like, I am faster consistently than I was when I first started swimming this workout. So it didn’t take any of the good out of my good day.

After work I lifted weights. I am in the power phase of the periodization cycle – which means there are certain sets that the weight is increased as reps decrease. It was a challenge, but a good one and I felt strong. I also did not encounter one weight dropper. These are the muscle heads who grunt loudly and throw the weights on the floor with force. The lap pool is below, when I am swimming and that happens it sounds like thunder – and I wear ear plugs. Not having the floor ripple as I am benching a barbell is quite nice, so that added to my good day.

I realized that my good day came from within me. It was cold, it snowed, I did not swim all my sets in my desired time and I am still dealing with an emotionally draining issue. (Not to mention I just dropped my taxes off today with my accountant – I know, I know…) but how I faced the day all came from within. Granted, a good night of sleep fueled me and that helped me choose the positive. Attitude is everything, I have heard that so much – probably because it is correct. I cannot control the weather but it does not have to control me. I can take action to improve, modify, change and/or eliminate the other things that impacted me. And that I am doing. Those things won’t control me either. Seizing the day is not just getting through the day, it is living it to the fullest one day at a time. Even if it snows in April.

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