Twelve Mile Run In Nature

I have mentioned on several posts that a long run from my home is quite hilly and sometimes quite taxing. Today I decided to head to The Cuyahoga Valley National Park and run on the Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail, or Towpath for short.  It is mostly a crushed limestone path that runs for miles along the Cuyahoga River.

I picked the Towpath up at the Station Road Trailhead and headed south.  Just before starting my run, I took this picture of the bridge over the river. I headed south because there is a slight uphill going south, nothing compared to what I run at home, but I wanted to get the inclines out of the way while my legs were fresh. What a difference a flatter surface makes! At the end of my run I averaged 30 seconds per mile faster than last week.

Running in nature is very inspirational to me. The benefit of the Towpath first is that there are no cars. The most traffic I have to look out for are the occasional cyclist, other runners, walkers, and the walkers with the dogs. I smile more at the dogs than the people! Seeing Spring in bloom, birds flying around and the water rushing by along the river adds so much motivation when running.

I took several pictures along my run to share. The Towpath travels through fields, tree lined almost the entire way, under bridges and over bridges, past historic places and even has several trails off of it that go over covered bridges and to water falls. The off trails I will share on other runs. Here are a few pictures along the way.

An old barn to the left along the path. To the right is the Boston Store. It is at a trailhead about 4.5 miles south in to my run.


The picture to the left was taken at my turnaround after six miles. The tunnel is very popular for people to holler while running through it to hear the echo. The view here is heading  back north. To the right is a view of the river as it bends close to the path. It is a very winding river. If fact the word “Cuyahoga” means “crooked river”.

I finished back where I started at Station Road Bridge. It was a good run and brought redemption to the quality of my long runs. I will do my best to get back here more often for long runs. Funny, I drive close to 30 miles to run 12 miles. And it was worth the drive.









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I want to encourage everyone to follow your passions, not just what is easy. It is in overcoming hurdles and barriers that we truly test our limits and abilities. There is much more we are capable of if we only believe in ourselves.

11 thoughts on “Twelve Mile Run In Nature

    1. Ha, no! I have before when I start south of the tunnel and run north. Then I am only a mile in to the run. After six I just wanted to go back. Thanks for commenting.

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