Runner’s High

The thrill I got from running the mere half mile last night lasted all day today. I felt great when I woke up, my ankle is continuing to improve and I was energized to swim. I did not want to push it – literally – so I was careful swimming when I pushed off the wall. My swim was 2,500 meters in an endurance set. I am noticing my stamina is returning too. While I am anxious to go back to flip turns, I am more cautious to not re-injure my ankle.  That little set back is okay, I ran last night! That was my answer, by the way, when anyone asked my how I am today. I ran last night!

This evening I lifted weights and felt good. We are in the chisel stage of the periodization. I am noticing more definition without bulk. Bulk is not something I have to worry about with my skinny arms. As my training partner describes me – I am a bean poll with muscles. There are worse things. Did I mention I ran last night?!

Some people may never understand the joy a runner gets from the run. There are activities, sports (golf), and past times I will never understand the joy in. All I can say is the euphoria of a good run – be it half mile, half marathon, or a hundred miles – is something I hope I never have to part from for long. I have in the past from injuries, but when push comes to shove, nothing beats the exhilaration, the elimination of stress, and the pure freedom of a run. Why do I do it? Because I can and I feel the joy. Eric Liddell really had it right…

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I want to encourage everyone to follow your passions, not just what is easy. It is in overcoming hurdles and barriers that we truly test our limits and abilities. There is much more we are capable of if we only believe in ourselves.

11 thoughts on “Runner’s High

  1. Shooting par (72) for the first time was more exhillerating than finishing my first half marathon, without the runner’s high… But I had a lot of work into that first even par round – 2 years, every day that it didn’t snow or rain, I was practicing. I worked with a pro for six months and the whole nine yards… The first time I beat my dad was pretty awesome to. Of course, for what I spent on clothing, clubs, range time and greens fees, I could buy a new Madone every year and I’d be nowhere near as healthy as I am now. Either way, golf is good.

    1. See, like I said – I read your love of golf and victories and don’t get it like people think we are crazy to love what we do. Oh to get a new bike every year… Thanks for commenting.

      1. I revel in the fact that people think we’re crazy. I love it. When a majority of the country figures you’re off your rocker – in certain instances of course – it’s usually because you’re living right and they can’t figure out how you do it.

        That’s all good.

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