Will Power

It is a good thing it is going to be in the mid 30’s and rainy tomorrow morning. Because if it turns out to be a sunny day, it will be nearly impossible to keep me from running the 10 mile race. James Brown keeps singing in my head “I feel good.” That is how I felt this morning during and after my swim, I did 2,800 meters, the most since I sprained my ankle. The workout was three pyramids, which is a combination of speed and endurance. For the warm up, recoveries and cool down I flip turned, I am still cautious about the main set. After swimming there was time to do my ankle exercises in the hot tub. My ankle feels good. There is still a little swelling and tenderness, but I am struggling with being almost back and wanting to race tomorrow. And there is a voice in my head besides James Brown, the voice is telling me to do this right and take it easy. I like James Brown. The voice is like a parent. I know the wisdom is correct, I just want to do what the crowd is doing. Running the race. The weather is my biggest deterrent, I will still get four to five miles in tomorrow, but I will also be able to get under shelter and wear warm clothes while I wait for my friend to finish.

Sometimes will power is easy and other times it is a power of wills – what is best versus what I want. I could justify running the race by claiming I am seizing the day, living (running) in the moment. I only have today, claim it. Then there is the wise view – while only today is a sure thing, probability favors a tomorrow. Less than a month from now on May 20th I plan on running the Cleveland Half Marathon. Then triathlon season begins. What a pooper it would be to cause more damage tomorrow preventing me from running this summer – after all of the time I have put in swimming this year. I really don’t want a pooper.

I also have hopes this year to PR all of my race distances. Half marathon and five mile distances I have PR’d this year. The marathon is a possibility in December and there will be several 5K races this fall to make a PR attempt. I have the sprint and half iron triathlon opportunities this summer and I am considering an Olympic distance the first weekend in August. Finding a 10 mile race is not easy. But the power of the Internet has not failed me today. The second weekend in August there is a race close by called the Perfect 10-Miler. The distance works well in my training plan, so it is perfect. The course is a bit more challenging than tomorrow’s race, but not by much. So the voice wins out over James Brown. Will power triumphs over the power of my will. I won’t run the entire race tomorrow. I think…

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I want to encourage everyone to follow your passions, not just what is easy. It is in overcoming hurdles and barriers that we truly test our limits and abilities. There is much more we are capable of if we only believe in ourselves.

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