Looking Ahead

This morning I road on a stationary bike at my gym. Due to a few schedule issues I had to rearrange a few workouts this week. One thing for sure, that bike has more challenging programs than mine at home. I road for 45 minutes and got in 13.4 miles for an average of  17.9 mph. I worked it too – my average heart rate was what my max heart rate was at home. I felt good – I know I got a good workout in. After I had time to meet my training partner in the pool area for hot tub time and ankle exercises.

During the day I contacted my running friend who noticed my unofficial race time on Saturday. I have seen good improvement in the pool and I want to really improve my run now too. Time to bring out my mantra Believe – because he said I should be able to pick up my pace by at least a minute to a minute and a half per mile. The biggest hindrance is me – I have a hard time believing I can do it. We texted for a while determining a training plan. I discover yet another 10 mile race – in June. So I am going to focus a bit more on running while I am in triathlon season. June 10th is my first triathlon – a sprint distance. The next week on June 17th is a 10 mile race that should be a flat course along the towpath I have written about before. My ankle is feeling good, not 100 percent yet, but with the running brace I am running my regular stride. So this evening I ran on my treadmill my first “new” run – 4 miles at my easy pace but I did pick it up. I averaged 10:44 per mile and kept my heart rate around 141. It was a good run – my ankle felt fine and I kept thinking if I was running with someone was I able to keep a conversation going. I could, maybe not really talkative, but coherent.

So I am looking ahead. This past month was challenging. My goals for April were to improve my swim pace, add cycling and PR my 10 mile race. My swim is consistent, I am cycling, and I didn’t even get to race. So I guess that is a push, win, and miss. I think my swim has improved a bit, I certainly swam the most this month. My injury took a lot of energy from me and contributed to my swim performance. So now May will be here tomorrow. I always like to set goals, and that has not not changed. My primary focus is on improving my running pace.  I have a half marathon in three weeks, my goal there is to finish between my PR and my time last year at this race, which puts me between 2:19 and 2:30. In cycling I want to ride three times a week to get back in my cycling mode for triathlon season. In the pool I will be swimming three times a week and would like to average 8,000 to 9,000 meters a week. That covers the three sport… Oh one more goal – avoid any more injuries.

I know I can plan and set goals all day. What happens is going to happen, I have learned that the hard way.  There have been bumps in the road along with some smooth sailing. I can only make the best of each day and be grateful to have each day. So I am looking ahead, but not too far, because I want to enjoy the journey. Regardless of what may come my way.

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