Details, Battle Marks, and Joy

This morning was perfect for a run – 52 degrees, no wind, light cloud coverage as the sun peeks through. I ran five miles as an easy run. Living where I do, “easy” means running a bit slower through hills. I was happy with my easy pace but even more so with my heart rate.Continue reading “Details, Battle Marks, and Joy”

Warm Summer Sounds

It is amazing how warm weather and the opening of outdoor pools ushers summer in regardless of the calendar. Instinctively I have adapted to my “summer routine”. Tuesdays are my run days – either speed work or tempo in the morning. My afternoons are weight lifting. Same as last week, what is different is IContinue reading “Warm Summer Sounds”

Blossoming Into Summer

After nearly six weeks of pampering my sprained ankle I ventured into the pool without an ankle brace. I also brought my fins for a kick set. I am back! My swim this morning was a very good one. I did my usual 1,000 meter warm up which included 200 meters of kicking. It feltContinue reading “Blossoming Into Summer”

Training with The Princess Bride

Today was my catch up day – I got my ride in on my stationary bike this morning and I ran this afternoon. While the ride was a good workout, it just is nothing like cycling outside. The most enjoyable part of my ride this morning was watching the first 45 minutes of one ofContinue reading “Training with The Princess Bride”

Zzzzzz Or Lack There Of

I have written before on the importance of sleep. My inspiration to write on sleep comes when I suffer from deprivation of it, such as today. Last night I had the opportunity to have dinner with a new friend and I was out later than usual for a week night. Here comes the pathetic partContinue reading “Zzzzzz Or Lack There Of”