Pay it Forward

I woke up this morning with a reminder, and not very gentle, that I am still recovering from an injury and swimming with flip turns yesterday probably was not the best idea. My ankle was a bit more swollen than it has been and it hurt a bit more too. Stink. Off to the pool I went and swam 2,200 meters with no flip turns and only pushing off the wall with my good leg. I also swam with the pull buoy for the last 800 meters because kicking was aggravating my ankle. Stink. Stink. But I got a good workout in and pulling gave me time to work on the tips the swim coach gave me for my stroke. I did my exercises in the hot tub to loosen and strengthen my ankle. As I walked I could tell it was more tender than it has been and I iced my ankle a few times during the day at work. Stink. Stink. Stink.

This evening I road my stationary bike for an hour and covered 16.7 miles. It was a good workout and I felt good. There was a sharp pain in my ankle when I found I was pushing more with the ball of my foot so I adjusted in the clip and it went away. By now you must know I think that this situation just stinks. I want to get back to my training, I want to run, and I don’t want pain. But this is what I have. I will ice my ankle again shortly and tomorrow morning I am lifting, so it should give my ankle a break rest. Hopefully tomorrow afternoon I will be able to wear my stiff brace and run on the treadmill. Running hasn’t been hurting with the brace on, ironic as it seems.

While my situation stinks, I am not going to mope about it. I am improving and I am aware that my eagerness to get back to my training has created this recent issue. Being the optimist I am and looking for inspiration, I found it this morning when I got to the pool. My training partner was still in spin class and hadn’t come to swim yet. I was getting set up in my lane and within a span of no more than 5 minutes I spoke with three different people. Each one could see I have a black neoprene ankle brace on. The first gentleman I have spoken with before when I first got injured, he asked how I was and showed concern, especially when I told him about my flip turn over use last night. Then another gentleman entered the pool area, saw my ankle and asked what happened. We talked a moment and he told me to take care of myself. As I was about to get in the pool in the wall lane, which is my last choice lane, a lady finished swimming in a center lane. As I moved to her lane, she saw my ankle and asked how I was doing and if the brace held up well in the water. Three people, who I don’t even know the names of, showed genuine concern for me.

Never under estimate the kindness of others. In a world where so many people are out for themselves, it is easy to forget that many people are kind. It dawned on me when I was thinking how nice it was for them to show concern, that there are a few people I know well who have to be aware of my injury and have not said a thing to me. Now I am not looking for sympathy or fishing for attention. I am just observing behavior. Life is short, moments between people may be fleeting, but we can choose to speak or act kindly, or we can go our way focusing on ourselves. The kindness I received today has motivated me to do the same. Share a kind word, be a bit encouraging, something to hopefully brighten a person’s day. Pay it forward, if you will.

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I want to encourage everyone to follow your passions, not just what is easy. It is in overcoming hurdles and barriers that we truly test our limits and abilities. There is much more we are capable of if we only believe in ourselves.

6 thoughts on “Pay it Forward

  1. “Life is short, moments between people may be fleeting, but we can choose to speak or act kindly” That is who I strive to be, although I know I fall short many a’day

  2. It is so tough to hold back when you start to feel better. Patience is a virtue… but it aint fun!

  3. It’s nice when the universe shows you that it notices 😉 Paying it forward at some point, today.
    And for the love of G-d, please please please rest your ankle and be careful!

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