A New Mantra

This morning I was up early, but not to run. I had my “should be” annual physical at 8:00. My doctor is wonderful – he is a cyclist first, then runner and triathlete. Translation – he gets me. He took a brief look at my ankle, he said it looks good. I told him I have been running on it and described my brace, he said good. Yeah! I got “good”. Of course it was followed with “just be careful and don’t re-injure it.” Okay… But I still got a good! My blood pressure was 96 over 50, even better than when I had the biometric screening. He actually took it with a stethoscope compared to the blood pressure machine the screening used. I think the good old stethoscope works best. I also had three vials of blood drawn to test all of the factors. Which is much more than the pin prick I had at the screening. I am interested to see how the results compare. He left me with two pieces of advice. First – he recommended a very cool app for my iPhone called Cyclemeter that is a bike computer, running computer and maybe even can change a tire for me. Second – this was the killer, at “my age” I should make sure to have my physical annually and not every 2 and a half years like this one. My age? Ugh. I actually told him I can’t believe it because I feel like I am in my 20’s. His reply, and he is older than me, was “ya, I don’t have a cure for that yet.” Such a great guy, going annually won’t be a problem at all.

This afternoon I did get my run in. Even though it was a beautiful afternoon, I ran on my treadmill. I guess I could say I was following doctor’s orders and being careful. I am running outside for my long runs and if I run outside during the week it will be on the towpath. Nice and flat and a good drive away. My run today was 5 miles and I was able to keep a relatively steady pace for my “easy run”. The last mile and a half was a bit challenging. I channeled my “Believe” mantra and also created a new one. It isn’t as positive and uplifting…  Adrienne, if you pick it up I will be shocked, but here it is: “Don’t be a sissy.” I am sure every runner reading this has had a moment where they just want to slow down, stop, walk, hang on to the treadmill rail, basically do anything to find an “out”. That is being a sissy. I am not a sissy. And I made it through. Sometimes it takes a positive thought, sometimes a tease. Either way it is determination. And that I have plenty of.

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    1. Thank you! And you are a wonderful age too. I used to think “old” was older than my father. He is now 91, so old is older than me and my friends now. 🙂

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