Looking Forward

“Don’t look backward. Only forward.” Many people have said this I am sure, but today I read it at lunch in my vampire novel Lover Mine by J.R. Ward. It was spoken in reference to adversity and failures. The words struck me considering I am four weeks past my injury and feeling well enough to take it to the next level in training. I am also hesitant with fear that I will injury myself again. Looking forward and not back does not mean that I haven’t learned anything. That is what I am able to take with me forward, the knowledge I have gained to help prevent future injuries, adversities, failures. All too often human nature is to look back – dwell on the past, wish things could have been done differently, and wallow in our sorrows. As much as I wish I could turn back time and have run a different path to avoid injury, it won’t do me a bit of good. It will hold me back, thwart my efforts, and knock me off track. But learning from my experience – my injury was not a result of anything careless on my part, the pavement was rough and my foot struck right at the wrong time and rolled the wrong way – how to care for myself now and in future training is what I take forward.

I have yet to workout today, I can hear the gasps, but it is coming soon. My training partner had a schedule conflict this morning and the thought of sleeping in until 6:30 was something I couldn’t resist. We are meeting soon to swim. The goal is 3,000 meters. I feel good, I will make a few attempts to flip as well as push of the wall with both feet during warm up and cool down. My new mantra may just help in the pool – don’t be a sissy. Where that will help is getting the distance in. If my legs are cramping, I will grab the pull buoy. I am getting 3,000 meters in today. The best is the reward after, the hot tub. And since it is an afternoon and a Friday – there is no rush to get out. Oh how divine to look forward!

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