Two Things Learned Today

After a fairly intensive training weekend, this morning my training partner and I decided to swim in the “warm” shorter pool. My gym has two indoor pools – a five lane 25 meter lap pool that is usually 78 degrees and a very large leisure pool that has 6 lanes in a 20 yard distance that also transitions into the water aerobics area. We swim in the lap pool regularly. This morning the lap pool was full, my legs were feeling fatigued from my ride and runs this weekend, and the thought of cold water was not appealing. It didn’t take much to convince my training partner to swim in the leisure pool this morning, it is taper week with the half marathon on Sunday. And as always, within two laps we both regretted it. It felt like swimming in bath water.

I swam 2,600 yards, which equates to just over 2,375 meters. While the water was warm and I had to do lap conversions to make sure I got in 100 yards and not 80, the benefit was my speed. Pushing off the wall more frequently and swimming shorter lengths really sped up my times. I have a training log that converts yards to meters. My fastest 100 yards was 1:38 which would be 1:47 if I kept that pace for 100 meters. Best part, I wasn’t coughing a lung up from exertion and I was pushing off with only one foot. Now I know that was due to the assistance of the wall and I didn’t speed up over the weekend. But it sure felt good to see my times. My lesson learned from my swim – wait for a lane to open in the colder lap pool. Hopefully it won’t be too bad after Memorial Day and the outdoor lap pool opens. I really enjoy swimming outside.

Because I have the race this coming weekend, I am giving my legs a break and not cycling this week. As I result, I have a little extra time on my hands. Besides getting more laundry done, I learned something on WordPress I would like to share. I don’t know if many of you have noticed, but last week there was a change in the comment section. When I would leave a comment on a blog, I did not notice that the box that says “Notify me of follow-up comments via email” now is automatically checked. Once I began receiving emails on all posts on blogs I commented on, I figured out the change. I have been unchecking the box, but I was determined to figure out how to reverse it. Success! If you do not want your readers commenting to automatically get emails of follow-up posts without their initiation, it is easy to change. In your Dashboard go to Settings -> Discussion -> and scroll down where you see “Comment Reply Via Email”. Uncheck the box and make sure to save it. Commenters may still choose to check the box if they want to have follow-up email, but it is not the default. Wow – just think of all the things I will learn this week with only one workout a day…

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I want to encourage everyone to follow your passions, not just what is easy. It is in overcoming hurdles and barriers that we truly test our limits and abilities. There is much more we are capable of if we only believe in ourselves.

11 thoughts on “Two Things Learned Today

  1. I noticed the change too this week. Thanks for doing the legwork! I just unchecked the box on my dashboard. Can’t wait to see what you teach us tomorrow! 😉

    Wait…the box on your blog is still checked by default. Hmmm…a puzzle!

  2. How did you sipped the recovery of your ankle? I’ve got my first triathlon on Sunday and I’m 3 weeks into a medial malleolar sprain or stress fracture. I haven’t run in 3 weeks, just elliptical machine. I a bit anxious about it. Good luck, sounds like your self discipline will pay off well. – Jim

    1. Jim – thank you. My sprain was a level 1 inversion (lateral) sprain. I rolled it on the outside and fortunately not too seriously. I didn’t run at all for a week. I slowly added running to elliptical for two weeks. I wear the McDavid #199 lightweight brace to run and cycle in for training. It is great at immobilizing my ankle. For the half marathon this weekend I am wearing the #195 ultralight weight brace. My first tri is June 10th, I am nervous about the jog from the beach to transition. I plan on wearing the #191 universal brace with removable stays for the tri. Rolling my ankle again is my fear. I have been swimming with a neoprene brace. Swimming actually is the most painful if I am not careful. Pushing off the wall and kicking too hard irritates it. Good luck this weekend. Your injury is a hard one. If it a stress fracture, that stinks. Maybe an x-ray?

      1. Just got Xray results. Not a fracture. But weird – medial side and point tender on the elevated portion of the bone only. Medial side is much less common than lateral, and there was no “injury moment”. It occured on a very fast pace on a treadmill! Go figure. I’m not a doctor but… oh wait, I am a doctor but what do I remember about the ankle. I know eyes. And you are right about pushing off the wall on swims. My ligaments and tendons need more that 5-6 to strengthen and hypertrophy after years and years of more sedentary activity.

      2. So glad there is no fracture! Yes, your injury is much more rare, mine is most common. If I am going to be common, I will take it in this form. And I am not a doctor, just a good WebMD reader!

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