Ready to Grow

Today I feel like I ran two different races. A 10 miler tied to a 5K, that was actually 3.3 miles… According to every GPS watch wearer I met, we all logged some version of 13.3 miles. It was hot – 60 degrees at the start at 7:00 AM and the sun was shining bright. Not a cloud in the sky. It would be a perfect weekend day if I wasn’t running a half marathon. Only a runner would love 50 degrees and cloud cover. The course had a few changes from last year that included a monster hill – at the end of mile 10.

The first 10 miles were not bad despite the heat. I kept a good pace ranging from 10:15 minutes per mile to 11:44 at mile 10. My average pace for the first 10 miles was 11:15 – I was on target to set my best time for this race. Last year I ran 2:30 and the year before 2:31. A 2:27 and change would be grand. Then I reached the top of the hill during mile 10. Considering how steep the hill was, 11:44 for that mile was not bad. Of course to get to the bottom of the hill I ran down an equally nice hill and picked up good speed. I emerged from the hill, turned the corner, passed the 10 mile marker, and that is when I felt it…

My right calf started cramping. Usually in the summer I take electrolyte capsules to prevent such a thing. May and 60 degrees, I didn’t even give it a thought to take them. I should have had a thought. My left ankle held up well and I do not think I favored my right leg at all. Proof came when my left calf started cramping too. Equal punishment. The last three miles were walk – run style. I would run as long as the pain was tolerable. I would walk a minute or less until the cramp went away. The last 3.1 to 3.38 miles I averaged 12:31 pace. Ouch.

At the finish I crossed at 2:34, average pace 11:44 pace. Being a numbers person I thought at least I kept it in order  2 – 3 – 4. I would much have preferred descending order of 2 – 1 – 0 for a 2:10 PR, but today was not the day. Several people I know running the marathon did not finish. Heat exhaustion was prevalent. I always feel so bad for people who train for so long to run a marathon and end up riding the DNF wagon back to the start. I commend them though, it takes guts and wisdom to admit it is not going to happen. Far better to have a Do Not Finish than a big hospital bill.

My mantra “Believe” came in handy, especially the last 3.1 ish miles. Today was tough, but it was a turning point, a marker, a milestone if you will. I am back – injuries are subsided and triathlon season is here. Just like climbing that hill and enduring the last 3 miles today, I have been through the valley, climbed out, road out the pain and now I am ready to grow.

Published by elisariva

I want to encourage everyone to follow your passions, not just what is easy. It is in overcoming hurdles and barriers that we truly test our limits and abilities. There is much more we are capable of if we only believe in ourselves.

8 thoughts on “Ready to Grow

    1. Feeling good – my ankle is fine and my calves recovered. My quads are burning – a sign I did give it my all. Just read the marathon course was closing at the half point at 3:44 on the clock due to the heat. Tough day.

    1. Thanks! I realized this morning when I ws swimming I actually had dreams of swimming last night. Looking forward to triathlon season too!

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