Peaking is Believing

This morning I went to the gym with the intention of running my speed intervals. I wasn’t quite sure if I would be able to run that hard considering my quads were still burning when I woke up. I figured I would warm up and decide if I would run what I had scheduled or swap with Thursday’s easy 4 mile run. When I hit the treadmill starting at a very easy pace, I quickly thought – nope this is an easy run day. My legs hurt.

But I am not one to throw in the towel quickly. So I thought I would give it one try at a 400 speed lap. I learned something this morning. Running faster does not hurt as much as jogging when recovering from a race. So I ran. I had a good workout – 7 sets of quarter mile repeats, or close to 400 meters, with approximately 200 meter walking recoveries in between. I was progressively faster with each set, starting at 6.8 (8:50 minute mile) and increasing each time by 0.1 for the first 5, reaching 7.2 (8:20 minute mile). The last two were also at 7.2. I am breaking a mental as well as physical barrier. Believing I can run fast is starting to move that long distance from my head to my heart. I also shared my training results with my running friend who helped me set this plan up. If I don’t get the belief to my heart, I think he will pound it in. I am working on my own believing, thank you.

Sometimes it really takes at least a peak to believe. The adage “seeing is believing” doesn’t help much with blind faith, but with running it sure gives me greater hope that I will continue to progress. Having a workout like today, two days after a half marathon race, proves that my little hidden doubts are wrong. I. Am. Able. It will take persistence, hard work, and staying healthy – all three I intend to do. Runners have a saying “Even a bad day with a run is better than a good day without a run.” Well today was both – a good day with a good run. And I believe I will have many more.

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