Warm Summer Sounds

It is amazing how warm weather and the opening of outdoor pools ushers summer in regardless of the calendar. Instinctively I have adapted to my “summer routine”. Tuesdays are my run days – either speed work or tempo in the morning. My afternoons are weight lifting. Same as last week, what is different is I am able to sit by the outdoor pool after lifting and read. What is new – I am now blogging by the pool as well. So as I write I am listening to the splash of swimmers’ strokes and the water flowing down the slides. Summer sounds.

My run workout this morning was a tempo run. I find tempo more challenging than speed sets. With speed I have equal recovery time even though I run faster than tempo. Tempo is a build and steady maintain – I kept telling myself this is what makes me stronger as I pushed through the 45 minute run. In the end I felt good – pleased with my pace and happy with accomplishing a tough run. The treadmill is a necessary evil for me on Tuesdays. I am able to pace better than running outside or on a track. My weight workout this afternoon was our first time lifting in three weeks – back to the adaptation stage of one set of 12-15 reps. My training partner and I finished earlier than usual as a result, giving me extra time to read and blog pool side. And here is my view:


So while the calendar still says May, the sounds, temperatures, and activities say summer to me. Somedays, like today, can bring stresses and challenges outside of my training. But a good workout, time with my dear friend and training partner and a few moments in the sun “listening” to summer bring so much brightness. More than just the warmth of the sun.

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    1. I haven’t been down them yet. For some reason the children dominate the slides and during break the water is shut down. I guess adults are not allowed….

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