A New Milestone

Earlier this week I indicated I had a goal to reach in swimming by the end of May. I knew today would be the day I crossed that milestone. I met my training partner to swim this morning at 6:15. As we walked in I felt the cool air and was not sure if we could swim outside or not. Sometimes the outdoor pool is closed if it is below 65 degrees outside. My heart sunk when we walked into the pool ready to swim. The indoor pool was packed. All five lanes had at least one swimmer and we couldn’t find two lanes we could split and swim next to eachother. Then I looked up …. Something I have to keep reminding myself to do.

The sign on the far wall, the window wall and outside door, read “Outdoor Pool Open”. Hoot hoot! We headed to the door and I even set the alarm off trying to open the door before the lifeguard unlocked it. Hey, the sign said open. Apparently she just put it up. So outside we went and had a great swim workout. I swam 2,700 meters and my times are back to where I was swimming in March – before I plateaued and before my injury. In fact one 200 meter set and one 100 meter set was faster than before. Hoot hoot! And it was outside. And I reached a new milestone. Today, May 30th, year to date I have now swam a total of 247,877.4 meters. In the entire calendar year of 2011 I swam 247,847.6 meters. That is 154 miles. In five months I swam what took me an entire year last year.

Now I have no intention of swimming as much over the next five months. I spent the first four months of this year focusing on my swim because it is my weakest sport of the three. Even though it is not my strongest sport, I love swimming and will continue to swim year round, long after triathlon season ends. I am very happy with all of the effort I put in because I am seeing my improvement – and I continue to improve. This afternoon I will ride, I have a 20 mile bike ride on my training schedule. While cycling is my strongest sport, I am still shedding my winter legs and need to work a bit on getting my speed back.

So what is my next milestone? Well… I am not sure if this is next on the calendar, but I am determined to see it happen this year. My next weakest sport – running. A fellow blogger wrote today about setting goals and writing them down. How appropriate for me to read today. I have a training plan designed to take me all the way to December 2nd. Why December 2nd? Well yesterday I made a commitment. I registered for the California International Marathon in Sacramento on December 2nd. This will be my seventh marathon, and hopefully my fastest. It is a point to point course starting at an elevation of 366 feet and finishing at an elevation of 26 feet. So after my half iron distance triathlon on Spetember 9th, I can say it is all down hill from there. And in running, that is a good thing.

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I want to encourage everyone to follow your passions, not just what is easy. It is in overcoming hurdles and barriers that we truly test our limits and abilities. There is much more we are capable of if we only believe in ourselves.

2 thoughts on “A New Milestone

    1. Thank you! Your comment is perfect – I show my creative side in my swim suits. I get fun ones from Splish.com. Because I am so tall I find two piece suits more comfortable. The suit I wore that day was a Wonder Woman suit! Red top with a yellow lightening bolt and blue bottoms with white stars.

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