I Am Back

This morning was the perfect weather for a 10 mile run – cloudy and 58 degrees. There was a risk of rain, so I wore a hat, I also ran from home so I wouldn’t have to drive a half hour back home if I got drenched in rain. This was my first long run out my front door since April 1st. My ankle held up well and I ran 23 seconds per mile faster than when I ran it before. It was a great feeling. I am also staying within the training ranges that the McMillan Running Calculator suggests. It is a helpful training tool – I entered my half marathon that I ran and PR’d in February and also entered my 5K PR back in November. Based on my times, I am training right in the range. Of course the training times and race expectations based on my 5K time are faster than my half marathon time, but not far off. How McMillan developed such an accurate determination of running is amazing. I am so glad I am not the only detail geek in the sport of running.

My run itself was relatively uneventful. No cars beeping at me, thankfully. The rain stayed away.  I kept careful attention to the cracks in the road and the edges. I don’t want to say curbs, I run in a rather rural area so there are no curbs, just where the blacktop meets the grass. Which is an excellent edge to roll an ankle on. Along my run I was just about to reach my mile 7 mark and I was in a zone. I had music on – but low enough to hear cars – and I was thinking my mantra – believe believe. At this point I was getting tired and was about to turn to go up another hill. In my focused zone I almost jumped out of my running shoes when I saw an elderly man walking up to me with two walking sticks. He was leaving his driveway and cutting across the grass to get to the street just as I passed. Even if I didn’t have music on I would probably have reacted the same since my line of sight was not anywhere near his direction. He got a nice chuckle out of it and I got an good adrenaline boost.

As I made my approach to the last half mile of my run, a song came on my mix that I have decided defines me now that I am recovering well. I heard this song recently when it was played on an AT&T commercial. After hearing it a few times I had to download it. The song picked up my pace and brought my smile out, even though I was 9.5 miles into a run. Because I am back. Back in the groove. Take it away Ace Frehley and Kiss. (won’t work on an iPhone, but will play on a computer)

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I want to encourage everyone to follow your passions, not just what is easy. It is in overcoming hurdles and barriers that we truly test our limits and abilities. There is much more we are capable of if we only believe in ourselves.

2 thoughts on “I Am Back

  1. First, thanks for the calculator link. I will be plugging in my numbers momentarily. Are cars beeping at you a good or bad thing? I have never had a car beep at me so I have no perspective. I think it has easily been ten years since I heard New York Groove. Now I will have that running through my head all day, so thanks for that too.

    1. The calculator is great. It gives predicted times along with training paces to help you run faster. Glad you like the song. It has been in my mind today too – there are far worse songs to be stuck on! Beeps – I don’t like it. It is startling and serves no purpose. Get over? Where? I am riding near the edge. My theory, and this has happened in other Metro Parks, is some cars driving through parkways think all bikes belong on multipurpose paths. Road bikes belong on roads. The signs telling cars to share the road are there for a reason. Frustrating…

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