Beeps and No Beeps

This morning I met my training partner at the pool and had a good 2,500 meter endurance swim workout. Despite my ride on Saturday and hilly run yesterday, I felt good this morning. I am focusing on my stroke – long and extended, while turning to the side with my hips. A handy tool I picked up is a Finis Tempo Trainer. It fits inside my cap and beeps at an interval I set to keep my stroke consistent, a waterproof metronome of sorts. I was concerned that the beep would be annoying and worse yet be annoying to the swimmers next to me. Neither of the swimmers in either lane could hear it, good start. I am still playing with the interval time, I had it set at 1:15 seconds and it was too slow. I increased it to 1:12 and felt a bit better. I still have to work with it. What I found interesting is that my times were better with it on. I took it out and noticed a difference, so I put it back in. Surprisingly the beeping didn’t bother me. If this will help me consistently break 2:00 on my 100 meter intervals, I am in.

This evening I road 20 miles on my bike. It was cooler than this weekend, with temperatures hovering around 65 degrees so I wore long sleeves. I did not feel over dressed the entire ride. The wind picked up too and of course it was coming from the North and West so I got hit hard on my ride back home. It is amazing how much faster my ride out was compared to my ride back. Overall I was satisfied with the workout. Country roads, very few bikes out, quite a few cars – and not one horn beep. I love country drivers. I also enjoy seeing the barns along the way. On windy days like today though, going past the open fields can really create a strong wind, so I am looking forward to July when the corn is above knee high to break the wind. I keep reminding myself the wind and hills are making me stronger.  The triathlon race I have this weekend is in a relatively flat area with one decent climb near the end. In the past I have done well and hope to complete the 17 mile course under an hour.

Funny, I had two good workouts today and the presence of, or lack there of,  a beep made all the difference. My tempo trainer offered the good beep to keep my pace on track. The peaceful ride without horn beeps made my bike ride all the better. Regardless of the tools, distractions, or weather conditions I have to make the most of my training. Like almost everything in life, what I get out of it depends more on me and my attitude than the situations surrounding me. Now if I can harness that positive energy and use it on the run, I will be able to create another beep – or shall I say “meep, meep”.

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I want to encourage everyone to follow your passions, not just what is easy. It is in overcoming hurdles and barriers that we truly test our limits and abilities. There is much more we are capable of if we only believe in ourselves.

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