Running, Lifting, and Doping

This morning I ran 5 miles outside. It was great – again a perfect morning for a run. A cool 52 degrees, no wind, and a clear sky to see the sun rise. I ran my regular rout with the hills – and the cracked pavement. I am now wearing the level two brace for injury prevention. My ankle feels fine. Strengthen exercises started this week, I do have to get the muscles used to working on their own. For today, it was a very good run. My easy pace was right on target and my heart rate average stayed below 140 – in my solid zone three. A great way to start my day.

This afternoon I lifted weights. Since I sprained my ankle two months ago I stopped doing lunges. The movement is stressful on my ankle. In place I started this week with dead lifts. Oh may I tell you – I have muscles that still need some working. Gluteus maximus to be exact. This should also help my running and cycling. I searched the web for videos of the proper form for a dead lift. I found one I really like. Not only did the demonstrator show the proper form, but also common mistakes people make. While the new muscle fatigue is not my favorite, the results are worth the effort.

And speaking of a pain in the gluteus maximus – on to doping. Last evening the reports came out that Lance Armstrong is again being investigated by the USADA. There is much detail I care not to go into, a fellow blogger did a fabulous job today and you can read more details here. As a result of the investigation, Lance has been barred from competing in Ironman events by the World Triathlon Corporation. If convicted all of his Tour de France titles will be revoked. There are three things I have to say on this, and this is my opinion. An opinion is not fact, but something each of us is entitled to. First – the investigation is being done by a division of the US Government. Translation – US tax dollars are being spent on this. Again. The economy is in a big old pickle – there are better uses for US tax dollars today. Second – if Lance did not dope, then he is the only professional cyclist in the past 15 years who didn’t and is more of a talented athlete than he has been credited to be. I am not excusing doping. It is wrong, unhealthy and plain cheating. Third – if he did dope in a field of dopers, then he still is the best of the field. Nothing will change in my opinion of him as an athlete. As a man of character – yes, that will change. But character is measured by someone’s values. My values are different than his to begin with. I would not have made the decisions he has made in his personal life. He has also done a great deal of good – his charitable contributions are huge, he has increased cancer awareness, and the sports of cycling and triathlon have increased in popularity due to his involvement. I question what good will come of spending tax dollars to bring down someone who succeeded in a sport full of dopers. Will the runners up to him that would receive his titles be reevaluated for doping too? Where does it end…

Okay, done ranting. One thing I mention many times here – we only have today. I want to make the best of it. I had a wonderful run and I like the improvements weight lifting is doing to my body. I will make decisions each day according to my values so I can look in the mirror each night and know I did well and I did good. Something I wish more people did – athletes and investigators included.

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I want to encourage everyone to follow your passions, not just what is easy. It is in overcoming hurdles and barriers that we truly test our limits and abilities. There is much more we are capable of if we only believe in ourselves.

10 thoughts on “Running, Lifting, and Doping

  1. The first things I thought when I saw they were investigating him yet again:
    1. Who cares.
    2. If he was investigated a dozen times already and nothing could be proven, then why on earth would I believe the results of the 13th investigation if they are contrary to the first 12. Has the evidence gotten better over time.

    At some point you have to let it go.

  2. Re: Lance….well said ! I like your distinction between character and talent. A lot of times we don’t really make that kind of distinction with Lance because he has done so much good through Livestrong ! I am still so torn on the issue. Very complicated.

    Also, thanks for the link. I really appreciate it !

    1. You put a lot of research into your post, I appreciate it. I agree, I am torn. Reminds me of the 1919 Chicago White Sox scandal… Say it ain’t so…

  3. What bugs me most about the Lance Armstrong case is that he is barred from competing in the France triathlon. What happened to “innocent until proven guilty”? Isn’t this part of our human rights in most developed countries? Barring him is a testimonial of mis-trust. Let him participate, run all the doping tests you want during this event, but don’t pre-judge him.
    I agree with your view of the whole issue. I am not in favor at all of doping and I agree to all kinds of tests. But if an athlete passes all tests, has his case dropped only to be re-opened again because of hear-say, we are going to far…
    Lance Armstrong has done more to help cancer patients than the majority of his sport-elite peers. Let’s focus on this.

    1. Unfortunately the WTC bylaws ban athletes under investigation for doping from the sport until it is settled. I wonder if they will change the bylaws in the future. The WTC owns the Ironman series. Lance can compete in other races, but it is unlikely he will waist his time if it doesn’t get him to Kona. The WTC is suffering as a result of their own rule. The “Lance effect” has brought the organization greater revenue is ads, merchandise, and wider coverage.

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