Relax and Enjoy

The day after a race is always a good day to rest a bit to recover. Resting on a tropical island is even better. So that is what I am doing. All week. I am a firm believer is a week off each quarter to regroup, rest, and re-energize. Being able to get away on a nice vacation is a blessing I am happy to be able to do. My family is vacationing this week in the Caribbean and I am glad able to join them.

Training this week will be a bit limited – the island is hilly with narrow roads and crazy drivers. As a result, I know I won’t be riding. I am hoping to be able to run each day. Getting out from the house we are staying in to run is challenging. I may take a local bus to a nicer area to run. But swimming – that is plentiful here. Right out the back door is a pool and the ocean. Vacation to me is time to do want you want and what you like, not what you have to (as in work). I enjoy my training, I enjoy reading, and I enjoy blogging. so I plan on writing while I am here.

What I am learning this week is flexibility. Flexibility in my training this week for sure. I hope to get at least one long workout in each day. I think swimming will be my most popular activity. Flexibility in communicating will be on my radar this week too. I have grown quite accustom to doing my own thing when on vacation. I usually am with one other person at most. Solo vacations are not uncommon for me. Here I am sharing a home with eight other people…. My mantra this week is “relax and enjoy”. If I can’t run as much as a wish, I will relax and enjoy the activities I am able to do. Family is family – you can speak your mind and they are still family. So I will relax and enjoy – conversations, varied opinions, and time off with loved ones.

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  1. Vacation with family is the perfect time to ask oneself if you would rather be right – or happy. Have fun.

      1. After following your blog for as long as I have, that answer is not surprising. It’s one more thing we can agree on as well – if we’re counting 🙂

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