Rain Drops and Sunshine

I find it extra special when I go on vacation and not only is the weather wonderful but it is raining at home. Unfortunately today the reverse was true. When I woke the rain was just finishing and the sky was brightening so I changed to get a run in. I figured out a mile loop in the safe neighborhood and planned to run it several times. By 7:00 it was already 80 and very humid, not a problem I tell myself. Good practice for the July and August triathlons I have scheduled. Half way through my run the sky darkened and the rain started. It was coming down hard and felt great. I wasn’t planning a tempo run today, but the rain did quicken my pace. So I got both a race preparation run and a tempo run in together.

Running in the rain is not a problem for me. Swimming in the ocean – I don’t think so. I am not familiar with the current here, so I opted not to swim today. Next best thing – go to town and shop in the Straw Market. I am good at dickering and was able to pick up a few choice items at a good price. But I must say the best part of the rainy afternoon shopping was being able to spend some time with my niece. She is 21 now and a fine young lady. Not only do I love her, I really like her. A big bonus when it comes to family.

The skies have finally cleared and the sun has come out. As I sit here in the sun I can hear birds singing and the gentle rhythm of the waves hitting the shore. Flexibility, going with the flow, relaxing and enjoying – all things this day has called for. The morning left us thinking we were going to have a gloomy day. But the trend is not always going to last, good or bad. My training has taken more of a vacation than I had planned, but the quality time I have gained with those dear to me is what seizing the day is all about. All good to me, rain or shine.

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