A Hot One

This morning I ran five miles and I am glad I got it in early. We are have quite a hot spell as well as a bit of a dry spell. It was already close to 70 degrees when I started my run. Great weather for a morning swim, but it could have been a bit cooler for my run. No worries, I told myself. Thursday runs are my easy pace runs. I was happy with my pace for an easy run and even happier that I kept my average heart rate around 135.  This was the longest I have run since the ten mile race and the hilliest in two weeks. My legs were a bit fatigued from my ride last night, but I made it through. I also remembered to bring my energy drink filled with electrolytes so I didn’t have a problem with cramping.

When I left work this evening I walked into a wall of heat outside. It is over 90 degrees and I am glad I don’t have a workout this evening. Since we are racing on Sunday, no weight lifting is scheduled for this evening. Thus begins the tapering process. Sunday looks to be a hot day too. So much goes in to training and racing – more than just the actually sports training. Nutrition, hydration, clothing, proper gear, the list goes on. My latest research has me wanting to try Nuun, a supplement tablet that dissolves in water with very little calories or carbs, just vitamins and electrolytes. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to pick some up and report back.

With the evening off from training I am taking advantage of my free time and spending it with a good friend I haven’t seen in a while. The last text she sent was telling me to bring my swim suit, they have a pool and we are going to take advantage of it to stay cool. Something I haven’t done in a while – played in a pool instead of swimming back and forth in it. A little reminder to enjoy all around me, even the things, like a pool, that I consider more of a fitness item rather than a leisure item. Summer is certainly here and I am going to enjoy it while it lasts – and with great friends. Life is good.


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