August Goals and the Fountain of Youth

With the turn of the calendar page the end of July is here. As I have done each month, it is time to review my goals for July and look forward to my goals for August. Similar to training with someone helps me give the workout my all, posting my goals helps keep me accountable.Continue reading “August Goals and the Fountain of Youth”

A Long Run and a World Record

Today was absolutely lovely with plenty of sunshine and cooler temperatures in the low 70’s. I headed out on my long run for 10 miles. Quickly I learned that plenty of sunshine can make 72 degrees seem much hotter than I had thought. Over all my run went very well. The best part was thatContinue reading “A Long Run and a World Record”

Rain, Hills, and a Ride

“Be careful what you wish for.” A very common warning many of us have heard. With the drought that we have been experiencing this summer, rain has been a welcomed occurance. Unless I have a long ride scheduled. This morning I drove to the Cuyahoga National Park to meet my training partner. It had rainedContinue reading “Rain, Hills, and a Ride”

Let the Games Begin

The day I have waited for is here. The opening of the Olympics. Just tomorrow the swimming events get underway too. What an exciting time. Go USA, Go World. I look forward to the records that will be broken, the narrow wins, and the moving medal ceremonies. As the days pass I am sure thereContinue reading “Let the Games Begin”

Changes and Flexibility

Tuesdays are well known to many runners as speed workout days. This morning was my speed workout as usual. Today I ran a 2 mile warm up and then into 4 x 800 meter repeats. I ran them between 4:23 to 4:26, it was a challenge, but I felt good. Next I ran 4 xContinue reading “Changes and Flexibility”

Little Improvements

After a week of training by myself I had a very nice treat today. My training partner, fresh ¬†from vacation, joined me on both my workouts today. This morning we swam 2,500 meters. It was the first time she had seen me do my superman kick drills. I am not making her do them soContinue reading “Little Improvements”