Immersed in Moonrise Kingdom

This morning we swam a 1,500 meter time trial in the pool. It wasn’t my best and it wasn’t my worst. Of the five I have done this year it was right in the middle. I am a bit frustrated because I worked hard on turnover – I used my tempo trainer and set it at just under a second per stroke. I was so busy counting laps that I didn’t count strokes per length until the last lap. Although I was stroking faster, I was taking more than I usually do – 29 to 30 per length when I usually swim 24 to 26.  So now I am going back to swimming the long steady strokes that Total Immersion recommends. I am also going to be working with one of the life guards in a week who is a strong swimmer. Earlier this spring he did a few laps that looked so easy – long, smooth strokes and he swam 50 meters in about 40 seconds. Get me to 59 seconds and I will be thrilled.

Usually I do not have a workout on Friday evenings. Now that I am working with my trainer I had a tempo run this evening. With the temperature at 98 degrees, I went in my cool basement and ran on my treadmill. The workout was a 2 mile warmup then a 2 mile tempo keeping my heart rate in my zone 4, just above my anaerobic threshold, then a 2 mile cool down. I got through the warmup just fine and I handled the tempo run well. Building to my zone 4 took a mile but I maintained it through the second mile. Next time I will work to kick it up faster. The cool down was cut from 2 miles to only 0.4 miles. I made plans to see a movie this evening and I was running out of time. With it just being the cool down, I at least got the tempo workout in.

I went to see Moonrise Kingdom, a very creative movie worth the theater ticket price. Without giving anything away, the premise is two young teens who are a bit odd and considered social outcasts in 1965 find each other. The struggles they go through I think everyone can relate to in some aspect. I know in my training I sometimes feel odd and maybe even an outcast compared to the “fast” triathletes. Heck, I am still struggling to maintain a 2:00 minute 100 meter average in the pool. Not to mention my short term goal of keeping a 10:00 minute mile pace for a half marathon. (My long term goal is much faster, of course.) But I am doing it. The more I focus on what I want to achieve with the abilities and gifts I have been blessed with, and stop focussing on what others are doing – the more I gain confidence in myself as an athlete. Defining myself by my accomplishments and not those of others. We all have our own struggles and achievements, our own little worlds, our own Moonrise Kingdom.

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I want to encourage everyone to follow your passions, not just what is easy. It is in overcoming hurdles and barriers that we truly test our limits and abilities. There is much more we are capable of if we only believe in ourselves.

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